Real Madrid's stats are better with Keylor Navas in goal

Keylor Navas has conceded eight goals in nine games and has kept a clean sheet in 44% of his games, which are stats that Thibaut Courtois can not match.

Keylor Navas no empeora al Real Madrid.

Keylor Navas has been handed a chance to shine in January with Thibaut Courtois ruled out through injury. It's the month of the Copa and the league with a hectic schedule. One of Solari's first moves as the manager of the team was to install the Belgian as the starter and Navas has been forced to sit on the bench despite his insistence that he will always want to start and the day he doesn't he will "go home and dedicate myself to something else."

The Costa Rican is not a downgrade in goals for Real Madrid despite being the back up. They have conceded eight goals in nine games with Navas as the start. That's a 0.88 goals per game. Courtois has conceded 27 goals in 21 games which is more than double that at 1.28 goals per game.

But there is another stat that is going in Navas' favour too. He has kept a clean sheet in four games that he has started: 44.44% of his games. The percentage drops to 38.09% for the games Courtois has been named as the starter. With Courtois out and Keylor champing at the bit, the debate as to who is better continutes.