Vietnam beat Jordan on penalties to qualify for their first ever quarter-finals

Vietnam beat Jordan on penalties to qualify for their first ever quarter-finals



Follow all the action as impressive Jordan play Vietnam in the Asian Cup's first last 16 clash on Sunday January 20 2019 with kick-off at 12:00 CET.

Jordan 1-1 Vietnam* (2-4 on penalties): match report

Vietnam's young guns beat Jordan 4-2 on penalties to reach the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup after the match finished 1-1 following extra time at the Al Maktoum Stadium on Sunday.

Jordan's Baha Seif hit the bar and Vietnam goalkeeper Dang Van Lam saved Ahmad Saleh's effort in the shootout to leave substitute Bui Tien Dung to convert his spot kick and send his side through to a meeting with Japan or Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

The match had finished deadlocked after 120 minutes with Jordan's Baha Abdelrahman opening the scoring from an indirect free kick in the first half and Nguyen Cong Phuong equalising with a volley six minutes after the break.

Southeast Asian champions Vietnam poured forward in search of a winner but, for all their possession, neat interplay and stylish touches, they could not quite carve out a goal.

Jordan had beaten reigning champions Australia and Syria to win their group, while Park Hang-seo's youthful Vietnam team had squeaked through to the last 16 by virtue of having a superior disciplinary record to Lebanon.

While there was little to separate the teams over an entertaining contest, Jordan's muscular game ensured they had the best of the first half and they went in front in the 39th minute.

Vietnam had some grounds for grievance, first in that an indirect free kick was awarded inside the box for a high boot and secondly over whether Yousef Al-Rawashdeh actually moved the ball to tee up Abdelrahman.

There could be no complaints about the midfielder's strike, though, as he celebrated his 120th cap by crashing the ball into the roof of the net from the left-hand edge of the area.

Going behind galvanised Vietnam and they peppered Amer Shafi's goal before the break, the Jordan goalkeeper doing particularly well to tip Do Hung Dung's drive over the bar.

The Jordan goal was finally breached for the first time at the tournament in the 51st minute when Nguyen Trong Hoang sent an inviting cross into the area and Phuong got between the central defenders to flick the ball into the net.

Jordan vs Vietnam live online: match updates

    They're in the last eight.

    Tien Dung win it! He scores and Vietnam are into the quarter-final.  4-2.

    Al Ersan takes. He strikes home. Still alive. 3-2 now but if Vietnam score, it is over.

    Still 3-1 and Jordan have to convert.

    Missed by Vietnam. 

    Save by the keeper. Saleh sees his shot saved. Strong save too! 

    Xuam Truong scores as the keeper goes the other way. 3-1 now to Vietnam and they have a massive advantage now.

    Seif is up. He just rattled the crossbar. It is a miss. 

    Dung Do scores now too! Keeper went the right way but nicely finished. 2-1 to Vietnam.

    Abdel Rahman scores too. The same goals he scored his earlier free kick. That's straight down the middle. 1-1.

    Que Ngoc Hai buries it. 1-0 to Vietnam.

    Referee giving the goalkeepers instructions now before the first.

Que Ngoc Hai to take the first! 

120'+1' To penalties we go! 

120'+1'   Long throw sent in. Kicked away by Vietnam and the referee blows full-time. 

120'   Into the last minute of normal time.

119'   Jordan on a counter attack. But The Jordan player doing the attacking is surrounded by four Vietnam jerseys and they lose out. Free for Vietnam and they slow it down.

118'   Vietnam sitting back now. Both sides waiting for the whistle. 

117' Here is the change. Trong Hoang is replaced by Minh Vuong. 

116'   Jordan with a chance. Ball sent in and Vietnam get it away. Just about though. 

115'   Vietnam have one change left and Trong Hoang tells his coach that he is finished. He needs to be changed.

113'   Ball sent in and Dang out to grab it. He collides with Shelbaieh and the referee tells him to calm down. Not sure what he was doing there as he dropped his shoulder and crashed into the attacking player.

112'   Jordan are happy to sit back and Vietnam quite happy to throw it around.

111'   Vietnam try route one. They launch it forward and win a throw as it's kicked out by Jordan. Camera cuts to the Vietnam manager and him and his assistant tell the throw-taker to slow it all the way down.

110'   And they're out on their feet.

110'   Jordan have no more subs so they can't get someone injured. 

110'   They'd probably both take penalties now if offered. 

109'   Vietnam throwing it around the back now and both teams exhausted here. 

106'   Anas with a handball as Vietnam break. Looked like it maybe should have been a yellow card as Vietnam had a good chance and it looked intentional.

106'   Very little turn around there. We are back underway for the second half. 

105'   Referee blows for half-time.

105'   Push in the back by Dung and Jordan have another free here in a dangerous position.

105'   Into extra-time in extra-time. 

105' Vietnam make a change. Phan off Xuan Trong. 

105'   Injury now for Jordan. Looks like a hamstring for Rawashdeh. 

104'   Ersan with a strike for Jordan. It's miles over and still travelling! 

103'   Abdel Rahman sends it in but the keeper punches away. Really dangerous as he sent it right down on top of the keeper. 

101'   They haven't been great in open play. 

101'   Free for Jordan outside the box as Trong Hoang fouls the sub who just came on. This is a good chance for Jordan.

100'   Both teams almost accept this is going to penalties at this point too. 

97'   Bakheet looked quite dangerous but he has ran out of steam.

97' Bakheet off for Haddad.

97'   Liver feeder's curse and all but this one seems destined for penalties. 

95'   Chance for Jordan as it's dropped into the penalty area. It lands to him awkwardly and he just scoops it over the goals. 

94' He will be replaced by Van Toan.  ​

94'   Injury for Huy as he gets up gingerly and walks off the field. 

93'   Jordan on the attack now with Al Bhaket sending one in. Vietnam prevent the corner and it's a throw.

92'   Seif collides with Quang Hai and ref says no free. Seif not happy but he was the one who clattered into the Vietnam player.

91'   We are back underway and Vietnam on the attack again to start! 

Vietnam had 58% possession in that game. They really were dominant in the second half too.

FULL-TIME! They played each other twice recently and both games finished as draws. This one does too.

90'+3'   That should do it as Vietnam launch one forward. 

90'+2'   Chance for Jordan but they can't convert. Dang way off his line there. Very nervy here.

90'   Tien Linh, the sub, with a chance. He controls it in the penalty area and his shot is blocked! 

89'   Jordan counter and they looked dangerous there before the pass up the line to Al Bakhet is too far to the left. He signals that he wanted it ahead of him. Another attack goes to waste.

88'   Throw into the penalty area and Jordan put it behind for the corner. They've troubled Jordan from corners in this second half. Can they find the winner?

86'   Vietnam on the surge again but Jordan holding firm.

85'   Cross in from the right and Jordan head away.

83'   Kikc out for Jordan. Vietnam's attacking intent or ability to create has waned and perhaps they're tired but Jordan not exactly shooting the lights out either.

80' Cong Phuong replaced Tien Linh.

78'   Al Bhaket trying to make something happen to change it now. He sends a corner in and it's headed away. Dangerous one.

78'   This game has to end today remember so we will have extra-time and penalties if necessary. 

74'   Al Tamari strikes after Vietnam's keeper punched the ball out to him. He drives it wide. 

74'   Lovely strike from Do as he cut in on his right. Saved by the keeper and away. 

72'   Al Tamari down the right and Doan does enough to keep him at bay. Hand across the face of the winger but he doesn't get a free.

70' Al Murjan off for Baha Seif.

68'   Vietnam win the ball back as Doan launches another shot. His vibrancy from left-back back is fine and all but those silly shots not really helping anyone. But he has been good.

67'   Cross comes in and Cong Phuong gets a head on it. It hits a Jordan head and then back off Cong Phuong and out for a goal kick.

65'   Vietnam dominating possession now in the last couple of minutes but all very tame as the fans get a little bit antsy.

63'   Jordan seem to have straightened themselves up here. 

62'   Cross sent in by Jordan from the right. Cleared for a throw. A rare Jordan attack. Keeper out and doesn't convince. Cleared but Jordan back on the ball before Al Tamari is dispossessed.

61'   Corner sent in and it's fisted away. Lands to Quang Hai and he drives it over the bar. 

60'   Phan the man who nearly scored. 

60'   Cleared off the line. Bani Yassen gets back after the ball is chipped over his keeper. Vietnam all over Jordan. 

59'   Free header for Bui from the corner. He heads wide. A little more difficult than it might have looked. He's disappointed that he couldn't do better though.

57'  Almost another for Vietnam. Crossed in from the corner and Shelbaieh gets it away at the front post. Another corner.

55' Yellow card for Khalil. He took the left-back out of it.

55'   Foul by Doan. 

54'   Al Bakhet with a cross that was almost like a shot. Dang gathers it fairly easily. 

53'   Jordan needed the wake-up call too though! That goal was coming since earlier in the first half. They came out half asleep from the dressing room after the break.

51' Cong Phuong with the first time finish. Vietnam deserve that! Trong Hoang with a lovely pass into the middle and the finish is perfect. 1-1. 

50'   Trong Hoang sends the cross in and Quang Hai strikes. Blocked by Jordan and Vietnam continue their good start.

49'   Foul on Rawashdeh as Jordan try to break through. They get it back but they just launch it forward and Vietnam win it back.

48'   Vietnam pushing down the right hand side but Al Bakhet gets it out for a throw.

47'   Can Vietnam come up with the goal. Vietnam did look like they would score in the first half! 

46'   We are back underway for the second half! 

Jordan have looked good but Vietnam have been really good too. 

45'+1'   Fists away. Referee blows for half-time.

45'+1'   Another Sabbah save. Corner. 

45'   Into the last minute now as Jordan trying desperately to hang on. 

43'   Corner comes in and the keeper again firsts it away.

40'   What a chance now for Vietnam to level matters. Tipped over the bar by Sabbah. 

40' ABDEL RAHMAN! What a goal. He hits a strike that's a little but curler, a little bit of a thumper. 

39'   Vietnam have to set up their wall again.

38'   Indirect free-kick for Jordan inside the penalty area. One of those high boot ones that the referee says is not a penalty but is a free kick.

37'   Free for Jordan. Drives straight at the wall.

35'   What a strike that is. Lovely one-two and Doan drills one towards goal. Sabbah saves and Doan follows up with a foul.

34'   Game has hit a little but of a lull now but Vietnam back on top.

30'   Doan charges forward again from the left and he can't control it. He does try but Baniateyah does enough to put him off. No free either. 

27'   Al Bakhet with another chance and he handled it in the process of controlling. He shoots over but there was an offside anyway.

26'   Free for Vietnam and Doan gets a header on it. Nice glancer but Sabbah saves. 

25'   Another good chance for Jordan as they look way more likely. 

22'   Al Bakget with a foul on Trong Hoang. More clumsy than anything as the Vietnam defender shifted his body and the Jordan attacker barreled into him. Free Vietnam and an apology frol Al Bakhet.

20'   Ball inside and Do glances a header forward. There was an offside there anyway but Sabbah grabbed it. 

18'   Another nice pass in from the left and Rawashdeh can't control it. Vietnam counter now as Jordan surge back trying to get bodies behind the ball. 

18'   Al-Tamari draws three four defenders and backheels to his teammate. Ball lands to Al Bakhet and he drives over. Poor, poor finish as he curls over from close range. That was the best chance of the game by far and it should be the first goal of the game.

16'   Mistake by vietnam. Dang saves in the end but a slack pass at the back gifted them the chance in the first place. Rawashdeh gets the toe poke away but the keeper dives to his left and gathers.

14'   Jordan have improved slightly here. Not particularly in attack but they have gotten to grips with midfield and aren't being opened up as easy.

12'   Jordan's first decent attack. Whipped in and Vietnam clear. Nice cross from the left but they get it back on the right. It's Al-Tamari and he rounds the defender quite easily. He cuts back and Vietnam survive.

11'   Van Duc was in there! Vietnam work their way through Jordan's backline and his touch lets him down. He tried to control with his right when his left foot would have been perfect to take a touch. The bench and everyone on the field knows how close that was. 

9'   Referee makes his way over to the bench and has a word with someone. It wasn't the manager but one of his assistant. 

9'   Vietnam certainly more up for this. Phan turned upside down by a Khattab, the centre back comes out and brings his run to a halt. Jordan need to force themselves into this game. 

8'   Strike comes in fom Doan. He was absolutely miles out, the teenager, and it was a little silly really. But it looked like it might trouble Sabbah for a second. Drifts well wide.

7'   Cong Phuong making a nuisance of himself. Nice ball clipped towards him but Dang scrambles across and grabs it. Vietnam have started brightly here.

6'   Another long ball down the field, this time by Al Ajalin looking for an attacker but the communication between the pair is off and they remonstrate to each other. Wasted attack.

6'   Bui puts the ball out as Jordan grow into this. 

4'   But they get the chance to swing it on from the right now from a free. Nice delivery but Jordan header out and try to start a counter. Ball to Al Bakhet is too far ahead of him.

4'   Nguyen down the right hand side and he's fouled by Al Bakhet. The attacker out on the wing trying to prevent a Vietnam attack.

4'   Vietnam with all the possession so far. They're trying to pry open Jordan's midfield. 

3'   Vietnam attack but lose out and Jordan send it up the field. Long ball out for a throw to Vietnam.

1'   We are underway in the first knockout tie in the Asian Cup 2019.

    Al-Taamari is Jordan's man to watch. He has scored 4 in his 21 caps for his country. He is playing on the right today and is a tricky customer.

    Jordan have made it to the knockout stages of the Asian Cup just twice and have been knocked out twice. In 2004, their first ever trip to the Asian Cup, they got to the quarterfinals before losing to Japan on penalties and in 2011, they were beaten by Uzbekistan.

    The venue for today is Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium. It holds 12,000.

    Just one change for Park's Vietnam side. Huy Hung Nguyen comes in for Duc Huy Pham

    Team news is in:

    Vietnam's coach, Park, knows they're up against it today: "Jordan are also well organised and well prepared and that’s why they got first place in their group ahead of Australia."

    Customised match balls and everything. 
    Interest picking up for this one as the knockout stages begin.

    Hello and welcome to our live online coverage of Jordan vs Vietnam in the Asian Cup last 16 as things get serious! Kick-off is at 12:00 CET.

Jordan vs Vietnam live online Asian Cup last 16: preview

Jordan and Vietnam face each other for the third time in recent memories having played each other twice during the 2019 UAE Qualifiers. Both of those games were very close and ended in draws, the first a scored draw (1-1) before they returned to play out a scoreless draw.


Jordan remain unbeaten in the tournament and they are yet to conceded a goal with two wins over Australia and Syria before playing out a scoreless draw against Palestine. They were the first side to qualify for the last 16 with those two big wins and they have had plenty of time to prepare for this tie. Their manager, says it's a clean slate against Vietnam though: "What happened in the first round is finished for me. For me, it’s now about going to the game against Vietnam. I never look back, only forward."


Vietnam lost their first two games conceding five times in the process but beat Yemen to qualify for the last 16 stage. Their manager, Park Hang Seo says it will be a difficult game against an organised side: “Tomorrow’s match is not going to be easy, it will be tough but we will have to maximise our strengths to win. There are no perfect teams in the tournament, and we will find their weakness."