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Asian Cup 2019

Australia beat Uzbekistan on penalties: Asian Cup 2019, last 16

Australia beat Uzbekistan on penalties: Asian Cup 2019, last 16



Goalkeeper Matt Ryan was the hero as Australia eventually saw their way into the quarter-finals after a goalless 120 minutes of play.

Australia vs Uzbekistan live online: latest updates

Thank you for joining me tonight (from all corners of the globe, I see) and if you're needing another fix of live Asian Cup thrills then jump over to UAE vs Kyrgyzstan where our Rob will keep you all across it. 

While not a classic evening of entertainment, this game had the fans of both sides on edge until the end. Uzbekistan can be proud of their first-half showing but from then on in there only appeared to be one winner, the boys from Down Under. In the end, they needed to wait until the very end to make it through on penalties, where Brighton keeper Ryan was the hero. Australia take their place in the quarter finals.

Final Scor| Australia  0-0 Uzbekistan (Australia win 4-2 on penalties)

Gooooaaaaaaaaalll!!! A firm hit into the left side and Nesterov couldn't stop it.

Leckie with a chance to win it...

Ryan SAVES brilliantly from Bikmaev, low in the corner.

Luongo finishes well. Pressure back on Bikmaev.

Penalties: Aus 2-2 Uzb

Top left from Alibaev! Level again

Kruse scores! High to the right side. Very nice

SAVED again! Ryan stands tall and punches Tukhtakhujaev's strike away. All square

Behich next up...and it's SAVED!

Penalties: Aus 1-1 Uzb

Shukarov levels things up with a Bing Crosby. Straight down the middle!

  GOAL! Medium height to the left, Nesterov gets hands to it but the ball squeezes in.

Milligan won the toss and is going to take the first penalty...

The captains and officials are all smiles as they decide the toss. Now the ref explains the rules of the shootout to the two keepers. He ends by asking them both to play fairly.

Peeeeep!! We're going to penalties!

120'   A collection of crosses are fired into Ryan's area but the Uzbeks cannot turn any of them into a clear cut chance. That could be that for the open play...

118'   More loose play from both sets of players, giving the ball away, then putting it out. This game may be just petering out towards penalties...

115'   Giannou with the long throw into the mixer but, much to his frustration, the ref blows up for a foul amidst the bodies.

114'   Dangerous free-kick for Uzbekistan wide on their right. The ball is swung in but is well cleared, although for a corner. Despite the dead ball being headed away again, yet another ball is played in, until Sainsbury puts his boot through it. 

112'   Sloppy play out from the back by Degenek gifts Uzbekistan a run on goal. The ball in from Turgunbaev is met with a firm Australian head away. Tiredness starting to show.

111' Another change for Arnold (his fourth thanks to the ET rule): Rogic off, Luongo on

109' Grant is turned but is willing to take a booking rather than risk seeing what develops.

108'   Decent cross in from the right side from Khashimov but it goes all the way through. Several pairs of tired legs may prove costly.

106' Another change: Khamdanov leaves the field, Turgunbaev trots on.

106'   The white backline takes its shape once again, while those further forward are used to press and disrupt.

Australia start us off, they'll be so disappointed not to have taken  advantage of their dominant second half of normal time.

The whistle brings the first period of extra-time to an end. The teams swap ends and we'll all enter the final 15 minutes.

105' Two changes for Cuper: Shomurodov off for Bikmaev and Zoteev makes way for Sayfiyev 

104'   A long throw into the area for the Socceroos. Rogic uses his frame to nudge the defender out of his way...the ref spots it and blows up.

101'   Lots of build up play from Australia midway into the opposition half. Not enough quality though to carve out a clear chance. The white shirts are back in numbers, dare I say they are desparate to hold out for spot kicks?

98'   Chance! And it's new-boy Kruse who cleverly steps over the low cross and Giannou gets a shot away first time. Not enough power off his right boot to trouble Nesterov.

97' Kruse comes on for Ikonomidis as Australia strive to avoid pens

96'   A stoppage in play here as Ismailov lies on the pitch following an earlier challenge. He looks as though he'll be fine though.

93'   Two efforts at goal now for Australia. First Rogic, well blocked by Nesterov, and then a tamer shot by Leckie which the keeper gathers. Looks like Arnold is about to make another change.

92'   Two attempts from the Uzbekistan holding players to loft the ball into the opposition area. Sainsbury heads away masterfully.

91'   Akhmedov tries to play his way between two pressing Australians and only a foul stops him.

We're back underway for another 30 minutes...

Full-time | Australia 0-0 Uzbekistan (Extra-time awaits)

90'+3' The whistle blows and the players, along with live feeders, go for a stretch of the muscles before we crack on...

90'+2'   More action in the Uzbek area but as the threat looms, Nesterov comes and claims.

90'   Akhmedov lifts a pass into Ryan's area and Degenek stretches to clear. The corner allows a shot from distance and the Aussie keeper avoids doing a Karius.

88'   Final minutes to play and it's as though Cuper has told his troops to go for it. In saying that, it's still Australia in almost complete control.

86' CHANCE!! And what a chance! Completely against the run of play Uzbekistan almost nicked a potential winner at the death. The strike is clean from the low cross but slides just wide.

83'   A little breather for the Uzbjek defence as they win a throw on the right in the opposition half and work the ball into Ryan's area. It's well defended though and Australia then look to move forward again.

81'   Uzbekistan are offering nothing. It's as though they put everything into getting a lead in the first half and now have nothing left in the tank. (Watch them score now!)

79'   More trickery from Leckie - just the impact his manager predicted - and Rogic then gets a shot away. Uzbek riding their luck somewhat here.

78'   CHANCE! Leckie again in the thick of it. A twisting run from the winger on the right gets him into a position to shoot from a tight angle and Nesterov does well to block. The ball is then cleared just as other yellow shirts are about to pounce. The closest we've come to a goal.

75' Another change from Arnold. Giannou Apostoles replaces Maclaren.

73' As we thought, Alibaev comes on to try and change the flow of this game. Sidikov, who has been quiet this half, makes way.

72'   Ping! Leckie again trying to make up for lost time. Collects the ball about 25 yards out and tries his luck. Nesterov gets himself safely behind it but can only block the ball away. 

70'   Chance!! Leckie's first involvement is to steal the ball in midfield and then works with Rogic who fires an effort towards goal. It was never going to beat Nesterov but the incoming Maclaren almost got a nick on the ball which would have. Again much better from this Australian side.

69' Leckie on for Mabil, a return to action after around two months out.

68'   Nice run down the right wing from Mabil (where was that in the first half?). He can't get the cross passed the defender but the second ball is to the far post and Maclaren heads over under pressure.

65'   A quick look down at the benches and I can see Leckie getting his orders before coming on. It'll be the first performance for the Hertha winger after his injury.

64'   Break for Uzbekistan looks dangerous for a moment. Shomurodov in the centre, feeds it out wide but the cross is blocked at close range.

62'   Cuper must be thinking about making a change. His side are being totally dominated. Maybe we'll see Bikmaev's goal threat soon.

Here's a very keen observer offering his support. His head used to do wonders 

60'   Much better there from Australia. They continue to control this half and a diagonal from deep to the far post is headed just over. Much more precise.

57'   Australia have a prolonged period of possession and almost fashion a chance from some comedy defending. The ball is eventually looped up and headed towards goal but Nesterov gathers easily on his line.

54'   The ten outfield players for Hector Cuper have a solid shape and Australia are struggling to make much happen. That leads again to play round the back, out to the wing, nothing doing, back to the defence. A spark is needed.

51'   Rogic gets a run in the left channel of the Uzbek area, and is close to making something happen despite the attention of three covering defenders. The ball eventually runs out of play and the big man tumbles, half-heartedly suggesting he was nudged.

50'   Nice layoff from Ikonomidis almost finds his teammate running down the left wing. It goes out of play but was at least a sign of more creativity from the Socceroos.

49'   Australia again decide to spend a couple of minutes passing it around the back, including Ryan. It's slow and predictable when they then move it forward and they're dispossessed.

46' Oooohh!! I didn't mean that fired up Khasimov! The full-back goes flying into a tackle there which could easily have been deemed red. What did Cuper say at the break?!

Let's get this second half fired up!!

It will be interesting to see if Arnold makes any changes to his line-up, or possibly just ask for more joined-up thinking when they push on. He also has a certain Leckie on the bench.

So, in summary...a pretty even first half with Australia giving a sense of being the bigger boys but certainly not dominating in the key scoring areas. The Uzbekistan attacking players have shown much more flair and appetite to run at defenders, and the early chance for Shomurodov could have changed the complexion of the game. 

Half-time | Australia 0-0 Uzbekistan

45'+1' The whistle blows and that Rogic move was the final act of the first half.

45'   Australia have a little flurry as we head into the single minute of added on time. Initially a dinked cross at the byline from Behich has Uzbek heads busy to clear the danger. The ball then ends up at the feet of Rogic, who steps inside one, then two, then three...and then knocks the ball out of play. What's Australian for 'pull the trigger!'?

43'   Masharipov gives us a taste of his twinkle toes, turning the Australian defence inside out before shaping to curl an effort into the far post from the left corner of the area. It flies well wide but there is certainly a feeling that the Uzbeks have the beating of their opponents when one on one.

40'   Khamdamov follows that wayward effort with a poor challenge on Behich. Free-kick to Australia.

37'   More forward thinking from the Uzbeks. Again using the space out wide on the left and then the ball to the back of the area is greeted with four white shirts. The control and shot from Khamdamov are both very disappointing.

33'   Much more dynamic attacks coming from Uzbekistan. Shomurodov set on his way through the middle but two covering Aussies smother his ideas. Certainly the more lively side going forward.

31'   A little lull in the play as Australia knock the ball back and forth across their backline, almost as if they're a couple of goals up. They eventually choose their route through the centre and it all goes a bit wrong, ending up with a throw-in. From that, the pass is astray and Uzbekistan have a goal kick. Arnold will not be enjoying that.

29'   Boom! Another very clean hit from outside the area from the Uzbeks. Sidikov lets fly and it whistles past the left-hand post. They clearly have a shoot on sight approach, and showing themselves to be very adept at it too.

28'   The Socceroos go direct. Sainsbury fires it down the left aisle but Maclaren couldn't get the afterburners on quick enough and the ball goes out for a goal kick.

25' Behich becomes the third name into the ref's book. A clumsy challenge but, again, could possibly consider himself unlucky to see yellow.

22'   Ping! Shomurodov lays the ball off to his captain, Akhmedov, who rifles towards goal first time. Decent strike but it's blocked well.

20' A crazy booking for Celtic's Rogic there. As far as I could see he played a low pass to a teammate and slightly brushed the closing midfielder, who then went crying on the deck. That was enough for the ref to rule him out of the quarter final (if his team make it through!) 

18'   Not a lot to pick between the sides so far. Some interplay in the middle of the park, with occasional long balls over the top from both. Possession even.

15'   Nothing spectacular to write home about yet in this game but the reigning champions are certainly being tested, especially as Uzbekistan attacj out on the left. Some lovely touches from Sidikov.

11'   Behich immediately gets a chance to reply to that last scare. The corner is cleared and as it drops to the full-back on the edge of the area he tries his luck. Firm, but straight into Nesterov's arms. This game is slowly picking up...

10'   Chance! First real opportunity of the game, and it came for Uzbekistan. Shomurodov sprints out wide, collects and then beats the last man to put him in on Ryan. The keeper manages to block the toe-nick, and then is helped out by his defenders before another white shirt can hurt them.

7'   Thud! A clearance from Nesterov in the Uzbek goal is met by Rogic's head and makes it all the way back to the stopper. His casual play out to his defender results in an immediate backpass that had him chasing to stop. Nervy for the fans.

5'   That's a bit better from Cuper's men. Neat from Shomurodov in the centre and then an opening is almost created in the left channel. Degenek does well to stop the danger.

4'   The Uzbeks get some of their own touches, but there is no real direction and Australia get a throw inside their own half.

3' That possession comes to an end with a very early booking. It wasn't a nice challenge from Tukhtakhujaev but hardly worth a yellow, in my view. Ref stamps authority.

2'   The Socceroos have nice couple of minutes of possession to get their touch in, but nothing threatening to the Uzbekistan goal.

Australia get us underway. Shooting from left to right from our vantage point.

The teams are heading out onto the field and the talking can stop.

As thought, Leckie takes his place on the bench but will be almost certainly brought on if things are not going to plan.

And they're not the only ones 
Isn't that nice? English side Hull City wish their player the best of luck ahead of this fixture 
A quick look at some of the responses on the Socceroos' social media stream gives the impression that some of the Aussie fans are expecting a comfortable day in the office. 
And the teams have been arriving at the stadium 

As pointed out in the previous tweet, the last meeting between these sides was rather one sided. The Uzbeks will be confident of avoiding a cricket score this time around.

Teamsheets are in for both teams... 

As mentioned in our preview below, Arnold is delighted to be able to call upon a winger plying his trade in the Bundesliga: "The wonderful thing is Mathew Leckie is back and he will be on the bench," he said. "It's like signing a new player halfway through a tournament. We planned when he got injured at Hertha Berlin that we needed to look at how the injury would come along. We were patient with that and our medical staff have done a great job getting him ready. And that, with his positive attitude and how he is in camp and in around the boys, has given the boys a lift already."

With three goals in three group games, the Socceroos boss Graham Arnold will have warned his defence about Eldor Shomurodov, the 23-year old who's been catching the eye.

Australia haven't really hit top form yet but making it through the group was all that mattered. Now the reigning champions need to step it up against a lively Uzbekistan side, under the tutelege of experienced coach Hector Cuper.

  Hello and welcome to our next live game in the 2019 Asian Cup as Australia and Uzbekistan battle it out for a place in the quarter finals. We're building up to this last 16 match which kicks off at 18:00 local time (15:00 CET).

Australia vs Uzbekistan live online: match preview

Before this game kicks off, we already know half of the teams through to the quarter final of the 2019 Asian Cup. Vietnam, China, Iran and Japan have taken their place, and both Australia and Uzbekistan fans are hoping to join them. The Aussies certainly come into this match favourites with the bookmakers but, as we've seen already, underdogs can have their day in the sun over 90 minutes.

Australia team news

The reigning champions didn't impress in their group stage, making it through behind one of the big surprises of the tournament, Jordan. Manager Graham Arnold knows that he needs a more coherent performance today if they are to avoid a shock in the first knockout round. Positive news came in the form of two returning players to the fold, Mathew Leckie and Josh Risdon, with the Hertha Berlin winger likely to start on the bench but may have a big part to play later in the game. Trent Sainsbury is also back after he missed the final group game through suspension. These returners mean that only Andrew Nabbout is out for the Socceroos as they look to stake their claim as potential winners once again. The man playing his club football in Bonnie Scotland, Celtic's Tom Rogic, will be hoping to make his mark early.

Uzbekistan team news

After impressing in Group F, including a 2-1 win over Oman and then a comfortable 4-0 victory against Turkmenistan, manager Hector Cuper is feeling confident coming into this game. All eyes will be on striker Eldor Shomurodov today, as the Rostov youngster looks to add to his three goals already in the tournament. Cuper has plenty of experience in big games - following his club management at Valencia and Inter Milan - and has had less time to prepare his players for this match than his rivals due to the scheduling. For this reason we expect him to make some changes to keep it fresh, although Javokhir Sidikov and Jaloliddin Masharipov will almost certainly be kept in from the start to provide creativity for their in-form forward.