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Khalil spot-kick rescues hosts in extra time

Khalil spot-kick rescues hosts in extra time



The striker climbed from the bench and scored with his second touch to end Kyrgyzstan's resistance in extra-time and send the hosts through.

United Arab Emirates vs Kyrgyzstan: as it happened

120'+2' And that's it! What a game! UAE go through to the quarter-finals but Kyrgyzstan played out of their skins and took the hosts all the way in a cracking match. 

120'+1'  Mabkhout  manages to lose the ball on his way to the corner, Kyrgyzstan come forward and the post saves UAE from Rustamov's effort! What a finish! So close for the Falcons. Mabkhout would have been in serious trouble with Zaccheroni had that gone in... 

120'+1'   Free kick to the Falcons, but UAE clear... 

120' Kyrgyzstan hammer the ball forward but there's nobody there to chase it down. 

119'   Another UAE free, another aeon to get the ball back into play. Two minutes added. 

118'   UAE head for the corner again with it and it's out for a Kyrgyzstan throw. There's time for a bout two more rolls of the dice for the Falcons to level it up again. 

117'   Al Hammadi  is tripped in midfield and it's a UAE free kick, which the hosts are in no hurry whatsoever to take. 

115'   It's taken short by Kahlil in a an effort to run down the clock but Kyrgyzstan are alert to it and nick the ball before launching a break. 

115'   Corner to UAE... 

114'   And Khalil takes after some very precise placing of the ball, only to thud his effort straight into the two-man wall. 

113'   Free kick to UAE as Khalil is floored outside the area... 

112'   Saleh is down with cramp, giving everyone a chance for a breather. 

110'   Huge throw from Kichin towards Rustamov, who still has plenty in the tank and got away from the UAE defence there. He couldn't quite connect with the ball though and the opportunity goes. 

109'   UAE pile foward now but the final ball is a tired one and Iusupov hoofs it clear. Sagynbaev is really struggling for Kyrgyzstan but they have no subs left... 

108'   Zemlianukhin is played in but the ball is just too heavy for the midfielder to reach. Kyrgyzstan are not letting this one slip lightly. 

107'   Bilal was rooted to the spot there. An inch to the right and Kyrgyzstan would be level. Can the Falcons fashion another chance like that? 

106'   Woodwork! So close for Kyrgyzstan! Long throw from Iusupov, it's flicked on and Duyshobekov glances a header onto the foot of the post! 

106'   And here we go.... 15 minutes for Kyrgyzstan to perform another comeback. 

105' That's the end of the first period of extra time. 

104'   Musabekov almost gets on the end of a Lux cross but his first touch eludes him and UAE clear. Kyrgyzstan has come back from behind twice already this evening, can they pull it off a third time? 

102' Goooooooooooal! Make that 51! Khalil hits it low and hard. Kadyrbekov makes contact but it goes stright through the Kyrgyzstan keeper! 3-2 to UAE! 

100'   It's Mabkhout who goes down under minimal contact from Sagynbaev. Khalil's first touch will be from the spot! 

100'   Penalty! UAE have a penalty! 

99'   100 caps, 50 goals... not a bad option to have on the bench when you're in need of a spot of onion bag bothering. 

98' Amer Abdulrahman is heading off for UAE, Ahmed Khalil on in his place. 

97'   Mabkhout! That has to go down as another howler! Al Hammadi does spendidly to find the striker unattended on the far side of the area but he can't guide his shot on target. 

96'   Bandar delivers, Kadyrbekov punches clear. It's all UAE at the moment. 

95'   Al Hamadi goes on a run but is halted by Kozubaev. The game has really opened up now, both sides are struggling to keep their shape as legs give way. Corner to UAE... 

94'   You have to wonder how many more chances like that UAE will have to end this in extra time and avoid the shoot-out. 

92'   Mabkhout! What a terrible shank! The striker is put through with a throw, Kyrgyzstan are nowhere to be seen and he's one-on-one with the keeper. Opens his body, looks for the far corner, and nearly hits the corner flag! 

91'   We're back underway... 

Kyrgyzstan thoroughly deserved that equaliser, they have been by far the more ambitious side in the second half and really took the game to UAE, who tried to defend a one-goal lead and paid the price. 

90'+2' And that's full time! 2-2. Extra time... 

90'+2'   UAE have looked shaky at the back since Matar went off. The decision to replace a striker with a defender has hardly paid off.... 

90'+1'   Goooooooooooooooooal! It's the substitute Rustamov who gets his head on it and it takes a couple of deflections on its way in! Suicidal defending from UAE and the Falcons are level! 

90'   Goodness gracious! The ball is sent into the area, two Kyrgyzstan players are on it, unmarked, but they get in each other's way and the ball bobs out for a corner. 

89'   Anoother free for Kyrgyzstan, a sea of red shirts on the edge of the the box... 

87'   Throw to Kyrgyzstan, Iusupov goes short, it's worked back to the far post and Lux connects with a glorious effort that is just inches wide! So close for the Falcons. 

85'   Uulu miscontrols on the right. Time running out for Kyrgyzstan....

84'   Kyrgyzstan appeal for a penalty! Kichin bangs a ball into the box, it's half shot, half fizzing cross and it's blocked on the deck by what looked suspiciously like an arm... nothing given though. 

83'   UAE have retreated into their own half now, which is a dangerous game to play. The Falcons cone forward, UAE clear, but there's nobodu up except Mabkhout and of course it comes straight back at them. 

82'   60-40 in possession to the UAE, but there have been several clear-cut chances for both sides in this half. 

81' And the UAE follow suit, Matar, who has been excellent, heads off to an ovation with Mohamed Ahmed coming on. A defender for a striker. Call the bus driver! 

80' Another change for the Falcons, Farhad Musabekov off for Anton Zemlyanukhin. 

78'   Beautiful ball from Matar again, who finds Mabkhout. Kadyrbekov comes blazing out of his area to take on the striker and there are plenty of hearts in mouths on the Kyrgyzstan bench. If he hadn't been inch-perfect there... but he pulled it off! 

76' Change for Kyrgyzstan, Akhlidin Israilov off to be replaced by Tursunali Rustamov. 

75' It was a wonderful ball from Matar, who split the defence to find Al Hamadi. 

74'   Goal disallowed! UAE think they've scored a third but the flag is up! 

73'   UAE are suddenly looking like a put team... it's impossible to describe how sloppy they've been since taking the lead. A throw this time and it's returned to sender, who watches it bob over the touchline. 

71'   What a miss! Kozubaev is on the end of a perfect cross and only has to steer his shot on target. Instead, he plants his foot and the ball pings wide from two yards out! 

70'   UAE's turn to mess up an attack now, with the final ball to Matar hopelessly inaccurate. Had it been on the button, the UAE skipper would have been through with just Kadyrbekov to beat. This game could go either way at the moment. 

68'   Kyrgyzstan are still pushing for an equaliser and UAE appear to have gone to pieces temporarily. We wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons find another one before too long. Zaccheroni looking perplexed on the touchline. 

66'   What a shame for Kichin! He's had a fantastic game and finds himself in a one-on-one with Bilal after being played in by Lux, but takes his eye off the ball and fails to control it! All it needed was a cushion and he'd have had a free hit basically. 

63'   Kyrgyzstan appeal for offside but Mabkhout was well on. How much will that take out of the Falcons, who had several good chances to take the lead before that UAE goal, which came out of nowhere really. 

63' Gooooooooooooal! Mabkhout finally gets his slice of luck, latching onto a fine ball over the top and lashing a shot past Kadyrbekov. 

61' Lux thinks he's clean through but the flag is up.  Khalfan Mubarak goes off for UAE, Ismail Al Hamadi is on. 

60'   UAE look to take the sting out their opponents' tail with a period of possession, but the Falcons can smell glory here and have the hosts on the back foot again. 

58'   Close again! Kyrgyzstan send in the corner and it's Sagynbaev again, who twists and plants a header onto the roof of the net! 

57'   Close! Sagynbaev hammers a shot from distance and it squirms under the body of Bilal, who is very, very relieved when he turns around to see the ball inching wide of the post. 

55'   Salmin warms Kadyrbekov's gloves with an effort from distance. It was a decent hit but straight at the keeper, who held it first time. 

54'   We wouldn't be awfully surprised if there are a few interested parties in the stands keeping an eye on Kichin. He's having a fantastic game and has kept the tricky Mabkhout in his pocket so far. 

53'   At the other end UAE have a penalty shout turned down, Matar claiming a shirt pull as he raced onto a ball over the top. There was a little tug, bit he was outside the area anyway. 

52'   Kichin! What a shot! The Kyrgyzstan skipper hammers a left footer from the edge of the area and it cracks the underside of the bar! So close to giving the White Falcons the lead. 

51'   Bernhardt wins a free kick foir his side after Matar takes him out from behind. He looks for Kichin and it's out for a corner. 

49'   A period of sustained pressure from UAE and it ends when Ali Salmeen tries his luck from distance. It's not the greatest effort though... out for a throw off his left peg. 

47'   Zaccheroni's side have come out of the blocks quickly at the start of the half. They're clearly keen to restore their advantage and are throwing everything at the opposition. 

46'   Mabkhout! The striker almost finds the target with a header! He really should have tested Kadyrbekov there. 

46'   And here we go! Second half underway.... 

The teams are coming back out for the second half... 

Here's the reaction in the stands after that Kyrgyzstan equaliser.

Just one shot on target from both sides in the opening 45. Two shots, two goals. Not a bad strike rate. 

45'+1'   And that's the half! The White Falcons will be very happy to be going in level at the break, and deservedly so. Aleksandr Krestinin's side have gone about this game in a very positive way. They know they are unlikely to keep a clean sheet, so they've been active on the front foot and have the UAE plenty of problems. 1-1 it remains. 

45'   UAE free kick, sent in long, is headed out for a corner by Murzaev. Last chance of the half here for the UAE...

44'   One minute added. 

43'   Murzaev gets a talking to for pushing Ismail Ahmed, but no card. 

42'   Decent spell of possession for the White Falcons, who win a throw for their efforts. 

40'   Mabkhout is caught offside again. Nothing is really coming off for the striker so far this evening. 

Possession so far: UAE 64%, Kyrgyzstan 36%.

38'   Matar! The UAE captain unleashes a shot from distance that spirals off wide. 

37'   Lux almost gets on the end of the delivery but UAE manage to clear. It's sent straight back in and Murzaev goes up with Bilal in a contest that the UAE keeper was always going to win. 

35'   Both sides have found their groove now and there's a perios of midfield chess before Kyrgyzstan come forward through Iusupov, who wins a corner on the right. 

33'   Mabkhout gets into a promising position but is ushered off the ball by Iusupov. 

32'   Nice touch by Bandar to put UAE through but the eventual shot is deflected into the gloves of Kadyrbekov. 

30'   Kichin again with some brilliant defending to deny Ismail Ahmed. It's another corner for the hosts, but Kyrgyzstan clear. 

28' And Khalifa is off, to be replaced by Fares Jumaa. 

27'   It looks as though Khalifa is on a spot of bother. The stretcher is coming out for UAE defender, who got the assist for the hosts' goal. 

That came out of nowhere really. The first decent opportunity Kyrgyzstan have had and they bury it! 1-1

25'   Lux finds his strike partner Murzaev, who looks to have run out of options but somehow manages to find the net from an acute angle after taking it round the keeper! 

25' Goooooooooooooal! The White Falcons are level! 

24'   Kyrgyzstan have an opportunity to break but it comes to nothing as Musabekov runs into trouble in midfield. He had players out to his right there but couldn't pick out a pass. 

23' Sagynbaev goes in the book for what can only be described as an awful challenge, late and nowhere near the ball. 

22'   Iusupov spots a ball that nobody else does and launches it into the area, where Bilal watches it skip harmlessly out for a goal kick. 

20'   UAE comfortably bossing possession now, Kyrgyzstan chasing shadows. The cushion has settled the hosts. 

18'   Mabkhout almost latches on to a ball into the area but he's called offside. More decent defending from the White Falcons there, stepping out to deny the Al Jazira striker. 

17'   Kozubaev gifts UAE another corner as he takes a wild swing at the ball and manages to hook it out behind him. 

16'   Kyrgyzstan look to hit back immediately as they win a corner. It's a decent delivery from Bernhardt but UAE manage to hack it clear eventually after a bit of pinball in the area. 

14'   It's Kamil Esmail who gets the final touch to nod home at the far post with keeper Kadyrbekovout of position. 

14' Goooooooooooooooal! UAE take the lead! 

13'   Odd from Bernhardt, who ushers a ball out for what he thought was a goal kick. Ref points to the corner flag though. 

12'   Mabkhout is through but his first touch lets him down and Kichin is there to nick it off his boot. Great defending there from the Yenisey Krasnoyarsk man. 

11'   Bernhardt runs through the UAE back four but can't pick his final pass to Murzaev. Positive attack for Kyrgyzstan though. 

9'   Free kick to the White Falcons in a dangerous area but Israilov is in two minds and his delivery is straight out without friend or foe getting a boot on it. Was that a shot, or a cross? 

7' Zhyrgalbek goes into the book for a foul and the UAE have a decent chance. The free is whipped in by Matar but the finish isn't there and it's out for a goal kick. 

6'   Lux gets a sniff of goal and unleashes a shot but there wasn't much room and it's straight into a defender. 

4'   The hosts come again and Kyrgyzstan are a little all over the shop at the moment. Every time they hack it clear it's straight back at them. They win a throw on the left though and Kichin launches it towards Lux, but the hat-trick hero of the previous round is bundled off the ball. 

3'   Dangerous early attack from the UAE leads to a corner, but Kyrgyzstan managed to get it clear. 

1' And we're off! The hosts get us underway. 

Ali Mabkhout is the danger man for the UAE and the player Kyrgyzstan will need to keep quiet. The Al Jazira striker has played a part in eight of the UAE's last nine Asian Cup games and won the Golden Boot in Australia in 2015. 

The UAE will hope history is on their side at this year's tournament. Six sides have both hosted and won the Asian Cup: Korea Republic (1960), Israel (1964), Iran (1968 and 1976), Kuwait (1980), Japan (1992) and Australia (2015). The last time UAE hosted the Asian Cup, they were beaten on penalties in the final by Saudi Arabia. 

Here's a quick look at the two teams going into the last 16 clash, courtesy of the Asian Cup. 
The teams are in for today's game. 
It's a big day for the sides, but also for the ref, who is making a little bit of history today. 

The UAE were runners-up on home soil in 1996 and will hope to go one better on this occasion, but will face a test in the shape of tournament debutants Kyrgyzstan. 

Hello and welcome to AS English's live coverage of the last 16 Asian Cup fixture between the UAE and Kyrgyzstan. Kick-off is at 18:00 at the Zayed Sports City stadium in Abu Dhabi.