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"Go and wash the dishes you shower of sluts"

"Go and wash the dishes you shower of sluts"

The match between Terrassa Femenino B and Viladecavalls was called off after Terrassa veterans told players to "go back to the kitchen."

Tercera División club Terrassa FC have removed their men's veteran side from the league after releasing a statement on Monday condemning chauvinistic abuse levelled at their women’s team by senior players from the same club.

According to local media outlet Terrassanoticies, Terrassa Femenino B and Viladecavalls were playing a league fixture at the club’s Estadi Olímpic last weekend when a group of men representing Terrassa Veterans FC appeared on the touchline and began to insult the players “with an air of superiority,” according to the referee’s report.

Match official Alexia Mayer took the decision to call the match off with Terrassa 4-0 down when the men, all players for Terrassa’s veterans side who were due to take to the pitch next, began to hurl insults at their own side.

Terrassa responded on Tuesday by announcing they had removed the team from the league given these comments and said they are completely "against the values of the club."

Terrassa Veterans: "go back to the kitchen and wash the dishes"

After the fourth goal went in, the veterans’ players reportedly shouted: “Get off the pitch, we’re due to play now. This game should have been called off, you shouldn’t be playing.”

The Terrassa Femenino and Viladecavalls players, as well as several spectators, invited the Terrassa Veterans to keep their opinions to themselves after which the players on the pitch were subjected to comments including “go back to the kitchen and wash the dishes,” “you’re shit,” and “you bitches,” as recorded in the match officials’ report.

Terrassa FC immediately announced an investigation would be opened and said the incidents were “completely against the values the club stands for.”

A Catalan second division game between UE Valls and Cambrils Unió was called off in September 2016 after a spectator told match referee Marta Galego to “go and wash the dishes.”