Ángel Di María's wife has a dig at Manchester United fans

El futbolista argentino Ángel Di María con su mujer, Jorgelina Cardoso. Foto Instagram @angeldimariajm

Foto Instagram @angeldimariajm

Jorgelina Cardoso, wife of the PSG winger, has launched an attack on the United supporters after a bottle was thrown towards him at Old Trafford.

Ángel di María was one of the protagonists of Paris Saint-Germain's away victory against Manchester United in the Champions League. And his interaction with the Old Trafford faithful even prompted his wife to get involved.

Di María targeted by United fans

The Argentinean winger, who played for United before his disappointing spell was brought to an end by PSG, was the target of the wrath of the home supporters. But Di María was happy to show his stuff on the pitch and provided the two assists of the game, handing Presnel Kimpenbe and Kylian Mbappé the goals. The boos and whistles started in the first minute and didn't let up till he left the field, although their was a loud cheer from the stands when he was controversially bumped off the field of play by Ashley Young.

As well as the on-field response with the ball from the former Real Madrid player was one way in which he got his own back on the abuse. Another was by fighting fire with fire: ""Fuck off!" he repeatedly shouted at the crowd while celebrating the goal, as well as expletives in Spanish. And then came the incident of the beer bottle, where the forward picked it up and pretended to drink it. United have been charged by UEFA for this.

United fans targeted by Di María's wife

After the game was over, and fans of the Parisien club celebrated, it was the turn of Di Maria's wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, to have her say. Using the bottle-throwing reaction from her husband as the focus, she aimed her dig directly at the United fans through her Instagram stories, reminding them of the two assists that have PSG with one foot in the quarter finals.

Cardoso's photograph of her husband considering a sip, was added to with a reference of the bottle being a 'nice gift' to then dedicate this toast that will not make any grace to the fans of the English team: "Cheers, gents. Here's to many more assists..."