Former Atlético Madrid Academy director admits child abuse, club respond with statement

Former Atlético Madrid Academy director admits child abuse, club respond with statement

Atlético Madrid have released a statement regarding Manuel Briñas' abuse of children and said they have rescinded the former Academy director's contract.

Atlético Madrid have reacted to the news in Wednesday's El País about Manuel Briñas, who was in charge of the club's academy for more than two decades. He has admitted to abusing a minor with the abuse occurring between 1973 and 1975 when Briñas was in charge of Colegio Marianista Hermanos Amorós, which was before his involvement with Atlético Madrid.

On Thursday, El País have published four more instances of abuse from victims, which brings the total number of victims to five. Briñas, who is 88 years old, admitted to the abuse but the new cases contradict his version of events.

Atlético Madrid have decided to break ties with Briñas in a official statement, which reads:

As a result of the information published about Manuel Briñas, Atlético Madrid want to state:

  1. We strongly condemn this type of conduct and we show our strongest disgust at these grave events.
  2. We are dismayed because during his years linked with our academy, there never existed the least of suspicions about the person, to the contrary, he was perceived as someone who was well respected inside and outside Atlético Madrid.
  3. One the facts were reported, Manuel Briñas's contract with Atlético Madrid was rescinded
  4. Atlético Madrid started an internal investigation yesterday to rule out the existence of this kind of behaviour during his time with out club.
  5. One of the fundamental values in our Academy is to safeguard the rights of children and the protection of infants. Although none of these events are related to our club, as of now, and with the help of 'Save The Children', we have started a revision of the existing protocols regarding the functioning of our younger teams with the objective of perfecting them further to prevent any risk whatsoever.