Isco responds to TV joke about place in Real Madrid team

Isco responde en Twitter


The Spanish midfielder was pleasantly surprised with the gag about an illusionist taking over Real Madrid training to help his situation.

Isco is not having the best time of things at Real Madrid right now. His lack of playing time under Santiago Solari has reached the point where jokes have been aimed at the talented midfielder, and the most recent actually got his approval.

Isco enjoys TV joke about him

David Broncano, comedian and presenter on Spanish television programme La Resistencia, focused his monologue on the Madrid player, commenting that Ander Mirambell, Spain's first skeleton athlete, resorted to hypnosis to deal with his fear.

"Mix magic with sport. I can imagine Luis Piedrahita [famous illusionist] leading the training sessions at Real Madrid. 'Isco, look in your pocket to see if there is anything. I have something. And what is it? You're dropped! Da daa!'"

The Movistar programme published the video of the sketch on Twitter with the accompanying message: "Sorry, Isco."

And rather than taking offence, or more likely, the usual level of indifference, the Madrid man was quick to respond positively on the social network.

"Hahahahahaha. After two seasons, this is the first good joke I've heard, worthy of a place on a 'humorous' programme."

Isco has played 1,161 minutes across the 25 games he has featured in with Real Madrid in the 2018/19 season.