New images show Gareth Bale makes up for Lucas snub

New images show Gareth Bale makes up for Lucas snub

A different camera angle from the Estadio Ciutat de València shows that following the disappointing reaction to Vazquéz, the Welshman changed his tune.

Much has been made of the reaction by Gareth Bale towards Lucas Vazquéz following his winning goal against Levante on Sunday, with most observers in agreement that it suggested divides in the dressing room. New images, however, are proof that the Welshman quickly made amends.

Bale's secondary reaction

It was a tough evening at Levante's Estadio Ciutat de València and only thanks to two penalties were Madrid able to leave with all three points in the bag. Bale had started the game on the bench - Vinicius and Lucas taking both attacking flanks - but emerged with just over 15 minutes left in the game to slot home a controversially-awarded penalty.

As he turned to head back for the restart, he was met by his teammate looking to celebrate whom he seemed to push away. That was the moment that caught the headlines, linked to other factors that don't point to harmonious times for the player that has been strongly rumoured to be heading out of the Spanish capital in the summer.

What happened after that initial snub has taken less attention from the media, and new images show that he was quick to show some level of affection to other players as they came to congratulate their goalscorer for potentially getting them out of a tight spot. The first embrace was with Nacho, and then with Carvajal and Varane. Next he was greeted by Modric and they shared a few words before an arm was put around him.

Arguably the most important aspect of this sequence was at the end, as Lucas passed by the Welshman again and there was a congratulatory moment.

As yet, Bale has chosen not to kill the speculation over the events, with many fans of Los Blancos desperate to hear more from the man from whom they expected so much. His Twitter account, likewise, has been quiet since 13 February. The number 11 has the perfect chance to do his talking on the pitch with a Clásico double-header.