Mourinho or Zidane to arrive and start a revolution

Mourinho o Zidane vendrían para iniciar ya la revolución en el Real Madrid.



Zidane's arrival seems difficult but Mourinho will accept the role and Real Madrid are keen to get a new manager in and started to get a feel for the dressing room.

Real Madrid are leaning towards sacking Santiago Solari before the end of the season. The decision, as As reported, which has been postponed until Monday does not mean Solari is safe. In fact, Solari could still be sacked even if Real Madrid beat Real Valladolid on Sunday night in Zorrilla as Real Madrid are keen to get started on the rebuilding process.

The club's directors believe this is the best course of action and the managers who they have in mind to replace are currently without work so there is no point in waiting until the summer. The hopes of saving the season are gone and with their elimination from the Champions League, they are keen to get a headstart on the rebuilding process. Zidane is the most favourable option and Mourinho would be willing too.

Big decisions will be made in the summer. With plenty of new arrivals set to land in Madrid, big-name players could see the door and a new manager now would have the chance to look at what players he wanted to keep or get rid of once the transfer market opens.

Solari has lost the dressing room, only a matter of time

Another factor that influences the decision to get rid of Solari is that the players have lost faith in the manager and they know he is a dead man walking. Again, the only thing holding up the decision would be if their desired candidates had teams. Mou and Zizou are both out of work so it makes sense. 

There are lots of player with their futures in the air including Bale, Marcelo and Isco and a couple of months under the new manager would be an ideal chance to see who has a future at Real Madrid and who will have to continue their career away from the Santiago Bernabéu.