Ramos and Pérez met again but the distance remains

Ramos and Pérez met again but the distance remains



The president of Real Madrid and the club's captain met again on Thursday night but the stand-off continues between the pair following frosty exchange after Ajax defeat.

Florentino Pérez and Sergio Ramos spoke late on Thursday after As reported on a row between the pair after the defeat to Ajax. The chat didn't do much to heal the rift and only served to make clear the distance between the president of Real Madrid and the captain of the club.

Sergio Ramos is hurt, like many of his teammates, due to the harshness of Perez' words after the defeat as if the last three years of Champions League success never happened. 

After the conversaton, the defender's future remains in the air and with only one year left on his contract, his future is further complicated. He has, however, expresssed his desire to retire at the club. After the chat, they agreed to meet again because of how far apart they remained.

on Wednesday, Perez and Ramos spoke in front of the whole squad with Ramos telling the president the "planning was a disgrace." Florentino, for his part complained about the lack of dedication, the excess of free days and used the word disgraceful.