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Solari on Madrid future: "I can't answer hypothetical questions"

Solari on Madrid future: "I can't answer hypothetical questions"



The Real Madrid manager spoke to the media after a calamitous week for Madrid that has seen their Copa, Liga and Champions League hopes evaporate.

Santiago Solari press conference: at it happened

Let's see what happens in Valladolid tomorrow and then next week. 

Solari did not paint the picture of a particularly happy chappy there. 

And that's that. 

  What message would he like to send to Real Madrid fans. "It's a tough moment, a difficult moment. You can keep doing your job, I will keep doing mine. It's not easy for the fans, we're a club that is used to winning, we've been through a glorious period and after being knocked out there is sadness of course, but also applause at what we have been achieved.”

Is Solari capable of turning this around? "We're all just passing through at Real Madrid and the next game is always the most important one." 

Two questions left.... 

"We do a lot of self-criticism," Solari continues. "In the dressing room self-criticism is a constant thing, not just something you do after a defeat." 

  Why was he late? "Sorry about that, it happens to sometimes, things in the dressing room need to be sorted out..." someone's going to get a tongue-lashing in a minute. Where's the poor man's press officer?? 

"It's an honout to serve this club," Solari says. How best to approach to the game tomorrow. "To play as a team." Long pause. Icy stare. Santi is not a happy man out there. 

Straight bat! Forward defensive! Solari asked if he can hypothetically plan for next season. "I can't answer hypothetical questions." 

On Isco: "We'll deal with these things intrnally. And in sporting terms, in order to play you have to in physical shape and be competitive" 

Sergio Ramos: "He's going to come with us and I think that's a good thing,. He represents the club and it's good to have him with us." 

"We've got 12 games left and the work starts tomorrow" 

Would you say that your players have been worthy of the shirt? "The majority, yes. And those that haven't been..." 

How does the team approach the game tomorrow after this week's blows? "With professionalism obviously, it's going to be a tough game, as are all Primera games, but we need to keep earning points to finish as best we can." 

Ah, here we go, Solari is in the house! 

Spotted, but currently lesser-spotted. What odds on Raúl coming out as the new senior coach instead? 
We'd say pretty low... but it would be funny if he did. 

Solari now an hour late for his presser... mystery surrounds his non-appearance. Is something cooking behind the scenes at Valdebebas? Or is it just a cracking buffet today? We'll find out. At some point. 

Scratch that, still no sign of the Real boss. No word as to what the hold-up is either. 

It looks we're about to get underway in Valdebebas.... 

Still no sign of Solari yet.... 

If Solari's job hinges on getting a result tomorrow in Valladolid, the absences of Bale, Mariano, Llorente, Carvajal, Vinícius and Lucas Vázquez won't help any. Sergio Ramos is also suspended

  Worth noting of course that we have an international break coming up after next weekend's league action. A good time to bed in a new manager, even if he won't have too many players to work with. 

We await Solari.... shouldn't be long now. 

Pérez has still got 350 million euros down the back of the sofa for a bid for Neymar this summer though apparently. Wonder where Mourinho will wind up playing the Brazilian superstar. Holding midfielder maybe? 

What else, what else... ah yes, after reports (later denied) that Lopetegui is seeking 28 million-odd euros in damages after his sacking, apparently it will cost Pérez a cool 25 million to get shot of his captain, Sergio Ramos. Expensive business, all of this, isn't it? 

We're not sure Ernesto Valverde indulges in mind games - beyond perhaps the occasional spot of backgammon - but he must have been supressing a smile when he suggested that Solari was just as good as Zidane and Mourinho earlier this week. Tonking your main rival twice in two competitions, to add to a 5-1 Clásico win earlier in the season when Lopetegui was in charge, would put a Barça manager in jovial mood we'd imagine. 

Meanwhile, Pérez staunchly refuses to start a women's team despite the boom in the sport in Spain in recent years. Atlético's game against Barcelona in the Metropolitano has already sold 45,000 tickets

Incidentally, if you haven't read our predictions yet this week (we're 1/1!) then do have a glance. We're foreseeing more doom and gloom for Solari and co up north in Valladolid. 

Mauricio Pochettino is another candidate Pérez would dearly love to get his paws on, but Daniel Levy is famously not averse to a little bit of hardball. The Argentinean won't leave Spurs before the end of the season but he's no fan of Barcelona and hasn't ruled out a return to LaLiga at some stage

Anyway, the force is certainly not strong with Solari at the moment and we'll see what he has to say about Real's recent run of results from about 13:00 CET onwards. 

Sergio Ramos is not a fan and the captain has been front and centre during this period of crisis, even squaring up to Pérez in the dresssing room apparently, a scene that rather reminds of General Motti's decision to question the relevance of The Force in front of Darth Vader way back when. 

The primary snag with Mourinho is that while he remains a favourite of Florentino Pérez and the Ultras Sur, there are many others at the club who would prefer not to see the Special One waltz back in the door. 

Chief among these is former Bernabéu manager José Mourinho, who has been out of work since being sacked by Manchester United in December. The Portuguese is favourite to be named the new boss next week, and won a Copa del Rey, a Liga title and a few other trinkets while in charge between 2010 and 2013. 

Whether the match in the José Zorrilla proves to be Solari's last remains to be seen but there are plenty of candidates waiting in the wings to take over the helm of the struggling Liga giants. 

Hello and welcome to AS English's live coverage of Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari's press conference ahead of the Valladolid game on Sunday. 

Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari's skates have gone through the thin ice and are already skimming water as he prepares to face the media for what is widely expected to be his final press conference as Bernabéu boss.

After the early promise of the former reserve team coach's reign, which came following a disastrous few months under Julen Lopetegui, the bottom has fallen out of Real's season and Solari will probably oversee his final game against Valladolid on Sunday evening, with José Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane and Clarence Seedorf all being linked with the job.

There is still an outside chance that Florentino Pérez will elect to see the season out with Solari - it will require a collapse of Carthaginian proportions for the canny Real president to see his side slip into the Europa League next season - and the Argentinean will doubtless field a few questions on that subject today.