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Real Madrid

44' Bale

61' Isco

62' Out Isco in Dani Ceballos

76' Bale

76' Out Modric in Federico Valverde

81' Out Benzema in Mariano


4' Out David Juncà in Hoedt

67' Out Sofiane Boufal in Hjulsager

74' Out Okay Yokuslu in Fran Beltrán


Isco and Bale on target as Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo

Isco and Bale on target as Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo

Rodrigo Jiménez


Santiago Solari outcasts, Isco and Gareth Bale, scored to give Real Madrid a 2-0 win over Celta Vigo in Zinedine Zidane's first game back as the manager.

Real Madrid 2-0 Celta Vigo: match report

Zinedine Zidane's second spell as Real Madrid coach got off to a promising start with a 2-0 win at home to Celta Vigo in La Liga on Saturday thanks to goals from Isco and Gareth Bale, who had fallen out of favour with previous coach Santiago Solari.

Spain midfielder Isco was handed his first start in the league since October by returning hero Zidane and broke the deadlock in the 62nd minute by tapping in a low cross from Karim Benzema at close range.

Luka Modric had a goal ruled out for offside earlier in the second half and Bale, who had struck the crossbar in the first period, sealed victory with a shot in off the post in the 77th minute, further lifting the mood at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Real are third in the league standings with 54 points after 28 games, two behind second-placed Atletico Madrid who visit Athletic Bilbao later on Saturday and nine points behind leaders Barcelona who play at Real Betis on Sunday.

Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo live online: match updates and commentary

90'+4' REAL MADRID win 2-0 over Celta Vigo. The 'new' Real Madrid with Zidane at the wheel are 1 for 1 with him on the bench.

90'+1'   Four minutes of added time.

90'+1'   Odriozola hits the ground as Kevin almost catches him but referee says no contact.

90'   Bale takes down a raking pass from Valverde. He crosses and it can't reach Mariano.

83'   Bale tries a one-two with Mariano but he meets a wall of Celta bodies and he hits the ground. No obstruction. 

81' Benzema goes off for Mariano.

79'   Asensio with an effort now and he hits the roof of the net.

77' BALE! BALE! BALE! He strikes with his right and it's in off the post. 

76' Valverde coming on for Luka Modric.

75'   Fran Beltran comes on for Okay.

72'   Benzema with a lovely volley but Blanco saves.

71'   Ball cut back and Asensio shoots. Saved by Blanco and he starts a counter. The sub, Hjulsager gets it and shoots but it's blocked. Really dangerous counter from Celta but nothing doing again as they freeze in the final third.

71'   Asensio crosses and it's put out for a corner.

70'   Sisto with the cross into the box after a nice run. Caught by Navas. Celta really struggling to move the ball forward with any intent.

69' Boufal off for Hjulsager.

68'   Bale slipped just before that shot.

67'   Bale with a wonderful run! He strikes with his right and it's saved by Blanco. 

64'   Isco gets a round of applause from the home crowd. Great return from him. He wasn't great but what a way to finish his game.

64' Isco goes off for Ceballos.

62' ISCO! GOAL! Asensio plays the ball out to Benzema after a nice run, Benzema squares and Isco knocks it home.

61'   Boufal effort. Blocked and Navas stretches out but it's a corner.

60'   Movement on the Real Madrid bench.

60'   Maxi Gomez with the ball into Sisto but that's another really poor pass. 

58'   GOAL is ruled out and offside is given. 

58'   The referee goes to have a proper look on VAR!

57'   It is gone to VAR. Corner came in and fell to Modric. Varane was in an offside position and jumped out of the way at the last minute. It's up to VAR now to decide if he was interfering or not.

56' MODRIC! GOAL! He strikes from outside the box and it's gone to VAR as someone might have been offside and interfering. 

55'   Bale sprints down the right and the tackle arrives to give them a corner. 

54'   Boufal breaks. What a chance and the attacker plays the ball to Navas. It looked like a pass to Navas. That's awful.

52'   Bale with another dangerous tackle. He's on thin ice now.

51'   Isco gets the ball from Modric. Another shot blocked for Isco. Corner this time though. 

50'   Corner for Real Madrid as Benzema heads into the Celta defender between him and the goal.

48'   Marcelo into the box and tries to poke it into the danger zone. Celta recover and Marcelo gets back to foul Lobotka.

47'   Some hefty challenges flying in. Ramos taken out of it first and then Modric jumps in on Mendez. Throw for Celta Vigo.

46'   We are back underway for the second half. No goals yet! 

Teams emerge back onto the field. No chances for either side.

Plenty of suggestions that Bale was lucky not to get a red card for that elbow.

45'+1'   HALF-TIME! 

45'+1'   One minute added time. 

45'+1'   He was booked for an elbow to the face. Quite a nasty one that Vazquez caught there. 

45' Bale is booked after a lovely spin to break free in the penalty area. 

45'   Benzema lays off to Isco but his shot is blocked.

45'   Maxi Gomez fouls Varane as the pair continue a good battle up top. Play continues as Real Madrid win it back.

44'   Celta break with a 4 on 3 but Sisto whips a cross over the sideline. Very poor pass.

43'   Referee says no! He pointed to his headgear and says they said it wasn't a foul.

42'   Looked like it was outside the area and it did look like a free. 

41'   They want VAR to step in! 

41'   Asensio bundled over as Bale crosses. 

41'   Navas rushes out and stifled Celta's plans to break free. Boufal causing problems again. 

39'   More pressure now from Real Madrid. Another delivery from the left and Bale can't get there again.

38'   Isco with a foul on Boufal as he tries to break forward after a nice pass from the right off Gomez' boot.

37'   Bale with another nice cross. Benzema can't get there on time. 

36'   Corner delivered onto the head of Ramos. Just wide! 

35'   Nice control from Bale. It makes its way back to Marcelo via Isco and he shoots. Corner for Real Madrid as Blanco saves.

34'   Ball to Maxi Gomez and he heads down to Boufal. Strike! But it's blocked and Maxi Gomez ends up fouling Ramos with a push in the back and catches him on the back of the head too with the ball in the air.

33'   Real Madrid improving now. Asensio inside and then to Kroos.

31'   Boufal with a nice run down the right. Ball out for a goalkick as Bale works back and defends well with the tackle.

29'   Bale with an acrobatic effort at the back post. Benzema with a failed chilena but it falls to Bale and he hits the crossbar. Cleared as Asensio arrives for the rebound. So, so close! 

28'   Marcelo nicks the ball back but Mendez wins it back. Ball struck at Varane, who gets it in the groin. Sore one as he stays down.

28'   Celta looking more comfortable at the moment.

26'   Bale to Asensio. He plays back to Kroos and the German shoots. That's very, very close as it lands on the roof of the net.

26'   Maxi Gomez drives forward and there's three white shirts around him. He runs into the middle of them and, as you'd expect, he loses the ball.

25'   Bale sends a cross in. Benzema can't get his head to it.

24'   Bale and Asensio switch wings. 

24'   Brias Mendez sends it in and it's wide at the far post.

23'   Sisto skips past Marcelo and then gets a kick to the shin off Kroos. Free for Celta.

21'   Free for a handball on Marcelo.

19'   Another Celta attack but Kevin Vazquez puts it out for a goalkick. 

16'   Navas punches the corner clear and gets caught after it. Free for Real Madrid.

15'   Free for Celta out in the middle of the field. Crossed in and out to the right. It's sent back in and Gomez heads it. Navas with a marvellous save! Corner. 

13'   Boufal pass inside to Lobotka but Varane clears at the second time of asking. Celta have looked good in attack.

12'   Asensio cross. That's headed out again and it's an offside on Benzema.

11'   Vazquez pushes Odriozola in the back and that's a free for Real Madrid. Strange foul with the right-back going nowehere. Kroos to take.

11'   Brais out to Gomez and he wins it ahead of Ramos. The Real Madrid captain stands in front of him and the striker tries to bend one. It goes wide.

10'   Benzema with a lovely pass to Marcelo, who cuts back to Isco. He spins and slips, gets a shot away and it's put over for a corner. Really nice move.

10'   Throw for Real Madrid and Bale throws to Benzema. Cut out by Celta and that's the end of a dangerous-looking chance.

9'   Boufal with a curling pass to Mendez. Chance for Celta to create something now but Sisto sends it backwards. They keep the ball at least.

8'   Real Madrid back on the ball now and they've taken control of the middle. 

6'   Bale fires across to Marcelo and nice control. Cross absolutely blazed across goal and Blanco gets a hand to it. Benzema was waiting at the back post.

6'   Very tame start to live back at the Bernabéu for Zizou.

5'   Ramos header is over the bar. 

4' Hoedt replaces Junca. 

4'   Corner for Real Madrid as Blanco can't get to the backpass before it crosses the line.

4'   Real Madrid back on the ball. Ramos launches long and down to Bale.

2'   Junca just tore his groin, it looks like? He stopped running after a surge down the left. But he's up now and looks, maybe, to have recovered. If that's muscular, hard to see how he continues.

1'   We are ready for action and Real Madrid get us underway!

    The resurgence of Marcelo? 
    Plenty of quotes here from Zidane's first presser before the game. He is, kind of, disowning the Militao signing and is not ruling out big summer signings. 

    Isco says it is "good news for everybody" that Zidane is back. It's his first start in the league since October. 

    Zidane was asked yesterday if Real Madrid's game on Monday night, their first since 2014, is humiliating given they aren't in any other competitions and due to the fact that game is almost seen as irrelevant. If they can keep winning, however, and with Barcelona focused on the Champions League, they might just sneak back up the league table. 

    Celta Vigo XI: Rubén, Kevin, Costas, Araujo, Junca, Okay, Lobotka, Mendez, Sisto, Boufal, Maxi Gomez.

    Zizous in the house. 

    Gareth Bale's agent says he is staying at Real Madrid but that doesn't mean the rumours will go away. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer refused to rule out a move for the player. 

    Here's a list of six things that Zidane needs to do during the summer.

    They were 9th and potentially dreaming of Europe before his injury. Now? 

    Not quite clear from this team who replaces Casemiro. Looks like it could be a two-man job with Modric and Kroos and Isco as a number 10. 

    Zidane going back to his roots. 

    Real Madrid XI: Keylor Navas, Odriozola, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Asensio, Bale, Benzema.

    This could not be anymore true. And Maxi Gomez' release clause drops to €25 million if Celta are relegated. 

    So much to chew on there but Navas for Courtois is huge. Zidane sticking with his man. 

    Here's a reported team for Real Madrid! 
    They're sure to give him a very warm welcome back to the Bernabéu. 

    All smiles at Real Madrid as Zidane took over the reins during the week. If nothing else, Zidane's return has erased the horrible last few weeks the club has had.

    Who will he pick though? Lots of question marks over his team selection. Casemiro is suspended so he needs to find a solution there with no direct replacement in the squad given Marcos Llorente's absence. Bale is back too and so is Isco. 

    Zidane returns! 

    Hello and welcome to our live online coverage of Celta Vigo versus Real Madrid at the Bernabéu! Kick-off at 16:15 CET.

Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo live online: preview

Real Madrid welcome back Zinedine Zidane as their manager as Celta Vigo go looking for a crucial three points in their battle to stave off relegation. They sit in 18th and a point away from safety. Rayo Vallecano and Villarreal play this weekend though and they are 17th and 19th so one of those teams will drop points. Real Madrid are looking to launch a crusade for second with Atlético Madrid in a similar situation as their city rivals after being knocked out of the Champions League during the week. They sit five points off Simeone's men but need to be careful not to slip to fourth with Getafe's form improving although Zidane's side have a six point cushion on Bordalas' men.

Zinedine Zidane made his shock return to the Real Madrid bench after Santiago Solari was sacked on Monday, but kept a role with the club, after their win over Valladolid last weekend. Zidane is coming into a fairly hopeless situation but there are lots of futures on the line. Will the likes of Marcelo, Bale, Ceballos or Isco start and do they have a place at the club. Isco says it's good news for everybody that the Frenchman is back having been frozen out by the previous manager. Zidane does need to figure out who to replace Camseiro with. He is suspended after his first red for the club last weekend and Marcos Llorente, his natural replacement is injured. Vinicus Junior, Dani Carvajal and Lucas Vazquez are also out injured.

Celta Vigo are still without Iago Aspas and their form has deserted them sans their captain. Of the nine games they have played since he injured his calf, they won just one. They also lost their manager after Miguel Cardoso was sacked. Hugo Mallo is also suspended but aside from that, Fran Escriba has a full squad to call on. They lost their first game with the new man in charge thanks to a late Jese goal at home against Real Betis. Travelling to the Bernabéu with Zidane bringing some life back to the team isn't an easy task for his second game.