Keylor: "I have a contract but I don't want to spend another year like this"

Keylor Navas, del Real Madrid, pasó por El Partidazo de COPE



Keylor Navas spoke about Zinedine Zidane and Santiago Solari and says while he has a contract, he would not like to spend another year like this one.

Keylor Navas spoke to Partidazo de Cope during the international break. From Costa Rica, he spoke about his role at Real Madrid and the difference betwen Solari and Zidane.

Personal situation: "I am in Costa Rica with the national team where we play against Guatemala and Jamaica. Yes, I'm good, very happy thankful to God. You have to enjoy the good moments. To come with the national team is a joy, to visit my country.  There are lots of things to be happy about."

Complicated moments of the season: "It has been a difficult season but football tests us physically and mentally we are there doing the best possible and knowing that everything can get better. That's what we try to do to be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities."

How did you find out you would start against Celta? "Zidane spoke to me before and told me I would play. I'm happy, always when you see your name in the eleven is a reason to be happy."

Did you have a feeling prior to it? "People asked me and I sincerely tell them that I wasn't sure, I didn't know. I had a lot of hope and I felt it was a possibility with, there was a change of manager. With the other manager, I wasn't going to play but with the new one the doors are open and that was the answer I gave."

How did yuo know you wouldn't play under Solari? "After 20 games on the bench, it was pretty clear."

Thinking about a possible exit in the summer under Solari? "Really, you have to look at where you are, the moment and consider things to make decisions. It wasn't the moment to think about the summer. If it got closer to the end of the league and I see that nothing changes, that's the moment to sit down and take stock, but it was very early in the season and I was thinking that I could change things."

The most difficult moment? "The last game of the Champions League was ugly, yes. We were qualified, opportunities were given to my teammates but not me. You have to accept, show your face and face the situation."

Living with Courtois: "I think that competition has to be healthy. I don't have a problem co-exisiting with anyone. The manager made a decision and that's it. I don't take things personally. I want to enjoy my work and play as much as possible."

Rotation with Zidane: "I am at his disposition. If he talks to me, I know that he will tell me the truth and that makes me calm."

Solari: "I didn't speak much with him."

 The comment about Cristiano and not being able to cover the sun with one finger: "People sometimes trick you and the same time, they write what suits them. We are all human and in every situation, there is one liar."

Solari said you are a gentleman: "Yes, he said that to me. He respected me as a professional but nothing more. This doesn't interest me any more. I will not remember this time with much emotion."

Continuing with Real Madrid: "I have a contract and I my desire was always to be here. What I am sure is that I have given everything for this club and I will keep doing that but I wouldn't like to spend another year like this."

Stepping away from Costa Rica: "Knowing Zidane, he wouldn't ask me to do that. If a manager asked me to do that, I would say no. This is the whole package. I am Costa Rican and I want to pla with my country and play in the next World Cup."