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Pamela Anderson's friends angry as she gets back with Adil Rami

Pamela Anderson's friends angry as she gets back with Adil Rami

The actress and the football have been seeing each other for the past weeks, to the anger of Anderson's friends and family.

The relationship between Pamela Anderson (51) and Adil Rami (33) was one of the most talked about non-football events of World Cup 2018 in Russia, thanks to the actress' devoted support from the stands and the player's celebrations on the pitch. The former Valencia and Sevilla player, who is now with Marseille, lifted the trophy with France and most expected a wedding to soon follow.

Anderson and Rami split up

However, months later came the news the couple were splitting up. The reason: Anderson couldn't bear to see Rami unable to spend time with his children.

“After spending this past week with Adil’s cute [2-year-old] twin sons … it broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out. Pamela feels she is the reason Adil doesn’t spend enough time with his children. She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids. It’s a selfless move by Pamela, a true romantic — and she is heartbroken. Adil has difficulty balancing his life with Pamela and what should be a healthy relationship with his ex, the mother of his children", reported web site Page Six at the time.

Anderson and Rami back together

However, the latest news is that the actress and the footballer have got back together, and have been spending time with each other over the past few weeks.

Anderson's friends though are said to be livid at the development, and accuse the player of trying to separate Anderson from her friends and family.

The star's friends feel the footballer's behaviour is juvenile and their belief is that he's not the one for her, with no possibility of the relationship working in the long term. But it seems their opinions don't carry enough weight to stop Anderson going back to her beloved French footballer.