Bale: "I never had a problem with Cristiano, he's an incredible player"

Cristiano Ronaldo y Gareth Bale celebran el Mundial de Clubes conseguido por el Real Madrid en 2017.

Matthew Ashton

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The Real Madrid attacker said the media tried to create problems with Cristiano that never existed and says Henry, Bergkamp and Giggs were his idols.

Gareth Bale is the most recent player to appear on What I Wore, a series of mini-reports from BT Sport in which they speak to players about the jerseys they have worn. The Real Madrid attacker speaks about his idols as a child along with his time at Spurs and his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Cristiano is an incredible player, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him," he said. "Obviously the media try and hype up these problems which were never there. We got on really well."

"He's an incredible player and what he did for the club with the amount of goals he scored. An incredible player and he is still going."

"I appreciated everything Tottenham had done for me but I think they did understand at the time that when such a big club comes in for you like Real Madrid it is difficult to turn them down," Bale added.

"Even though I was enjoying my time at Tottenham, loved the club and I still do, to have Real Madrid come for you, you'll regret saying no."

Bale also admits that while Spurs' fans won't like him saying it, Henry and Bergkamp, two former Arsenal players, were two of his favourites when he was growing up along with Ryan Giggs. "Being Welsh and left-footed, I admired him a lot," he said.