Casemiro: "Congratulations to Real Madrid on signing Militao"

Casemiro: "Congratulations to Real Madrid on signing Militao"



The Real Madrid midfielder praised his fellow countryman after they both started in Brazil's 1-1 draw with Panama.

Casemiro and Éder Militar, who recently signed for Real Madrid for six season, both started this Saturday's international friendly which saw Brazil draw with Panama 1-1 in Porto.

At the end of the game, the Real Madrid midfielder took the chance to praise his fellow countryman and congratulate his club for signing him.

Casemiro praises Militao

"I've got to congratulate Real Madrid for signing him because half of Europe wanted him. Militao has earned the right to play at the best club in the world and he'll be very welcome next season".

Militao: Real Madrid's most expensive defender

Real Madrid announced the signing of Éder Militao on 14 March, with the Spanish giants paying Porto 50 million euros for his services, making him the most expensive defender in the club's history. Porto still have two months of competitive football left this season and Casemiro didn't doubt his teammates professionalism: "He's with Porto, they're playing in several competitions and I'm sure he's focused on Porto".