Neymar back training with PSG

Neymar regresa a los entrenamientos del PSG.


The Brazilian striker returns from the foot injury that has kept him out since 23 January. He will undergo further tests in the coming days.

Neymar was back doing light training with PSG this Wednesday and was able to kick the ball although he has not fully recovered from the foot injury he picked up in the French Cup on 23 January. He will undergo further tests in the coming days to check how the injury reacts to today's work out.

Neymar training a test

PSG announced that today's training session was a test with the ball to see how the player felt. Back in January Neymar had suffered a recurrence of the injury to his right fifth metatarsal which had kept him out for the second half of last season.

Neymar will now be examined by club doctors to confirm that the injury is fully healed. Although urging patience, PSG indicated that aim is for Neymar to come back to competitive football for the final of the French Cup on 27 April, although this is dependant on his teammates over-coming Nantes this evening (Wednesday).

Neymar has confessed to being miserable away football, and recently posted a photo on Instagram of himself kissing a ball with a message that he was yearning to play again.