PSG sanction Rabiot for 'like' of Evra Instagram video - report

According to reports in France, the Ligue 1 champions applied the punishment to the player, after the post-Manchester United loss post.

Adrien Rabiot, jugador del PSG

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Adrien Rabiot has been sanctioned by his club following him 'liking' a video on social media by Patrice Evra after Manchester United eliminated the French side from the Champions League. For this the player has been suspended and fined six days salary.

Rabiot in trouble for Evra liking

The story has been reported by RMC Sport and the punishment was applied between 15-20 March, during which the player was separated from the first team. The 24-year old has also been in the news for potentially having a verbal agreement with Real Madrid to move to the Spanish giants this summer.

In a letter dated 3 April, PSG detail that the Instagram 'like' caused issues at the club, specifically in terms of media relations but more importantly for the "serious incidents recorded during the squad's training session at the Park de Princes on 10 March on the part of the fans."

The letter, which the French outlet says it had access to, went on to state that Rabiot has been reminded that he is obliged to fulfill a duty of loyalty to the team, and it has been stressed that the damage caused to the team's cohesion and serenity 'will not be tolerated.'

Management, eh! Paris Saint-Germain's German coach Thomas Tuchel.

Management, eh! Paris Saint-Germain's German coach Thomas Tuchel.

It is also reported that PSG representatives also believe that the player did not seem to be aware of the seriousness of his behaviour at the meeting held on 27 March with their sports director, Antero Henrique.

RMC Sport have said that Rabiot has an option to appeal against the sanction in order to recover the six days of salary that was retained. As yet, this has not been done.