• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'

40' Tagliafico

45' David Neres

54' Frenkie De Jong

70' Schöne

74' Out Schöne in Jurgen Ekkelenkamp

93' Jurgen Ekkelenkamp


44' Cristiano

59' Out Mandžukic in Douglas Costa

74' Out Matuidi in Paulo Dybala

82' Pjanić

92' Out Federico Bernardeschi in Khedira


Juve nab away goal but Ajax given hope after Neres leveller

Juve nab away goal but Ajax given hope after Neres leveller

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Ajax and Juventus played out a draw in Amsterdam on Wednesday night with Ronaldo scoring a header in the first half before Neres responded in the second for Ajax.

Ajax 1-1 Juventus: match report

Ajax and Juventus played out a 1-1 draw in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final in Amsterdam in a game that Ajax will feel unlucky not to have won while Juventus had their chances too.

The game swung back and forth with Ajax piling pressure on Juventus' defence with their delightful combinations often catching defenders unaware. Juventus looked dangerous, as usual, with Ronaldo lurking and Bernardeschi's left foot locked, loaded and ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Juventus looked dangerous when they broke and had spells of possession where they controlled affairs themselves.

After a wobbly start, Ajax came to life thanks to their tricky right winger, Hakim Ziyech. A couple of efforts in quick succession from him off his left foot had Ajax fans crying out for more.

Juventus contained them during that spell and came back to life themselves. Just as the same baying fans in the Johan Cruyff Arena were all set to relieve themselves and hit the bar at half-time, Ronaldo zipped up the middle and met a Joao Cancelo cross with Onana left exposed. His limp left-hand could not stop the header and Juventus were ahead.

Stunned, the fans trudged to the concession stands and waited in line. And before they were back from their bathroom breaks and topping up on their Heinekens, David Neres had Ajax level.

Within the opening minute of the half, he curled past Szczesny and Ajax were back. They were relentless for the following 20 minutes with Ziyech, Neres and Tadic all causing harm in the penalty area.

It was, however, Douglas Costa who had the best chance to break the tie open again. He shrugged of a couple of challenges before driving low as his shot crashed off the base of the post.

There were flickers of attacking football for the remainder but it felt like both teams were content to settle for a draw, regroup and approach the second leg with fresh legs and full hearts in a week's time.

Ajax, who have good memories of second legs after their demolition of Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu as they travel to Turin where Juve pulverised Atlético after losing the first leg at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The only thing we truly learned on Wednesday in Amsterdam is that these two sides are harder to seperate than we might have initially thought and both managers will be both relieved and a little disappointed not to have landed a more substantial blow to their opponents' hopes in the first 90.

Ajax vs Juventus live online: Champions League build-up

90'+3' GAME OVER!

90'+3' Ekkelenkamp booked for pulling Ronaldo back earlier in that play.

90'+3'   Corner taken by Ziyech and Dybala counters. Ronaldo ends up on the ground and no free given.

90'+2' Emre Can ready to come on and Bernardeschi makes way.

90'+2'   Corner for Ajax. Really well worked as Tadic kind of pokes it towards goal. It goes out for a corner.

90'+1'   Three minutes added on and Cancelo drives it across goal. Ronaldo waiting inside but Onana grabs it.

89'   An offside there in the build-up to another good attack by Ajax. Neres the man who strayed off. 

86'   Lovely cross into the box and Onana pushes it away. It comes in from the left and Onana grabs it. Juventus getting slightly better here in the last few minutes.

85'   Douglas Costa with an incredible run. He sees off a couple of would be challengers and shoots. It hits the post! It came out of almost nothing too.

83' Yellow for Pjanic. He pulls Neres back and then kicks the ball away. It was for the foul though.

83'   Ekkelenkamp with the chance on his right. Ball played into the box and he spins and shoots. Ziyech with a lovely pass inside and a backheel by Tadic. Good save by Szczesny. 

82'   It's just not happening for Ajax. 

80'   Juventus improving again as the game swings back in their favour. 

77'   Ronaldo hunts De Ligt down and forces a sloppy clearance. Juventus back on the ball as Ajax back off for now. They're waiting to pounce.

76' Ekkelenkamp replaces Schone.

76' Dybala replaces Matuidi.

75'   They're attacking again. This time De Ligt hits it wide and he can afford a little smile after that wayward one.

73'   Have Ajax run out of ideas?

72'   Matuidi down injured now and it's unclear what's wrong with him.

71'   Van de Beek was offside and completely missed the shot anyway. Lovely clipped pass over the top but he had a tough angle to strike from.

70' Schone gets a booking now as he clips Bernardeschi.

69'   Ronaldo up front on his own. Ball launched up to him and he loses out.

68'   Sandro cross and De Jong blocks. Chance for Ajax to clear and Juventus try to figure out how to break Ajax down. They have to be careful of that counter too though.

66'   Neres races forward now too. Ajax just keep attacking. 

65'   Veltman crosses low after getting the ball from Ziyech. Szczesny grabs again. 

65'   Neres runs into the box and lays off to Ziyech. He shots and this one is blocked. Looked much better than his last effort too.

64'   Ajax all over Juventus now. 

63'   Corner and it's met by Veltman's head. He nods it down into the ground and Szczesny grabs it.

62'   Ziyech with another shot. That's just awful. Ball laid back to him by Van de Beek and he slices out for a throw.

61'   Bernardeschi crosses and it's headed away. Ajax look quite shaky at the back but they're lethal in attack.

60' Douglas Costa on for Mandzukic.

59'   Ball crossed in and headed out as far as Schone. He drives it over on the half-volley.

57'   Juventus really struggling now with Ajax's movement. They're being pushed further and further back.

55' Four on four here. De Jong passes it straight to a Juventus defender and De Jong pulls Cancelo back to get himself booked and break up the counter.

54'   Free sent in and there's a player pulled back in the middle as Bentancur hits the ground. No penalty though. It would have been very, very harsh.

52'   Free for Juventus is the punishment. 

52'   Matuidi is pulled back by Schone and he thinks about a yellow but decides against it.

50'   He was about 2 yards offside.

50'   De Jong into the middle and it's touched on to Neres. He's offside though. 

50'   Another neat combination in the middle by Ajax. 

48'   Tagliafico went so close again! What an effort that was too. He drove it wide of the post but had Szczesny stretching for it. 

46' GOAL! Neres turned everyone and struck. What a finish from the youngster. Incredible.

46'   We are underway! 

How much space is too much space to give Ronaldo in your penalty area? 

45'   HALF-TIME!

45'   GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Ronaldo header. Crossed in from the right hand side. He heads home after losing De Jong too easily. Onana had no chance.

45'   Into the last minute of the half. 

44'   Ajax pushing forward more and more. 

43'   It's Schone to take. He hits it straight on and it drifts wide. No use really from a nice angle.

41' Foul on Neres and the whistle goes and then Tagliafico takes Cancelo out of it and gets a yellow. But it's still a free to Ajax.

40'   Ziyech cross but that's not going to do it for them. It's out to the back post and wide.

37'   That's the best chance of the game for Juventus. Ball crossed in and Ronaldo heads down. Bernardeschi strikes with his left and it's wide. He wants a corner but it's not coming.

36'   Ajax with 56% of the ball and the better chances too but Juventus haven't been bad either. Hard to tell who is more comofrtable but definitely more players in the box when Ajax attack.

36'   Ziyech whips one across the field. Lovely, lovely pass and Tagliafico can't reach it.

35'   Ziyech again. This on went well wide! And he's raging with himself. 

33'   Foul by Bonucci on Tadic as he writhes in pain. The defender says he didn't touch him. Tadic is up and replays show he was caught on the top of the foot.

31'   Ronaldo dropping increasingly deeper. Free for Juve and they break forward. Bentacur with the shot on his left and that's well over.. and wide too.

30'   Corner sent in and straight back out again. Another corner and this time Ronaldo drives it wide at the front post.

29'   Ajax the stronger side now. Just as I say it, Juventus win it back and counter. De Jong with a wonderful tackle to reject Bernardeschi. He does win a corner though.

28'   Free for Juventus as Mandzukic is almost mounted by Tagliafico. 

26'   Another dangerous move by Ajax. Cut out by Rugani and out for a corner. Ajax's movement is mesmerizing. 

24'   Free for Ajax in the middle. They work it really well too and Van de Beek strikes wide with his left. That was a great chance and he really should have scored that.

23'   Bernardeschi is tripped up by Schone, it looks like, bu Gil Manzano says no. That is a shocking decision.

20'   Schone takes out Sandro and he's not happy. Not sure what he's complaining about there. 

19'   Szczesny with a wonderful save. Ziyech curls it into the top corner, or at least that's where it's going, and the keeper taps it over.

18'   Game swinging back and forth. It's Ajax on the ball now as Neres plays out to the left.

16'   Sandro fouled by Veltman. Juventus growing into this one. Sandro was caught on the ankle. Chance to swing this one in as Bernardeschi makes his way over to the ball. 

15'   Corner comes in and Onana punches away. De Ligt down now getting his laces tied. 

14'   Bernardeschi with a nice run and that is an exceptional tackle from De Ligt. Corner. 

12'   Ziyech with another shot. His left foot again and it's more straight forward for Szczesny. Saves. 

11'   Juve have calmed the storm that was brewing. They're holding onto the ball now and trying to break Ajax down slowly and patiently.

10'   Juventus win the ball eventually and try to calm things down. Ajax fans not happy and want the ball back! 

9'   Bonucci with the ball into the middle and it's won back again by Ajax.

8'   Tadic hits the ground under a tackle from Bentancur. No free but Ajax win it back again. They really have sprung to life here after a shaky ccouple of minutes to start.

7'   Cancelo hits the ground and wins a free after he was bundled over in the area... his own penalty area.

6'   Shot from Ziyech and nearly troubles Szczesny. Nice one-two with Tadic. Ajax have come to life.

5'   Szczesny kicks out for a throw and the ball is sent straight back in to his arms. 

4'   Juventus cough ball up and De Ligt wins it but his clipped ball forward is over the sideline for a Juve throw. 

2'   Bernardeschi drives over with his left foot. His left foot is unbelievable.

2'   Allegri up off his bench looking quite nervous.

2'   Juventus with a throw. It's taken almost a full minute for that throw. Slow start to this one. 

1'   We are underway! 

    The two teams' captains, De Ligt and Mandzukic, up for the toss. 

    The teams emerge onto the field! 

    Ronaldo moving fairly freely. 
    This is illegal in 18 countries.

    If you want to know how Ajax keep reinventing themselves and developing world class talent, this article by Rory Smith in the New York Times is excellent.

    This is what you call sitting on the fence. 

    Juventus are on a high. They rested a lot of their main players in that game and it was Moise Kean, who is definitely one to watch, who won the game for them with the later winner to help them beat AC Milan 2-1.

    A really good read on a really exciting player in Ziyech. He likes to shoot...a lot! 

    Juventus' subs: Perin, De Sciglio, Spinazzola, Khedira, Dybala, Douglas Costa, Kean.

    If you thought Ajax would shrivel into a defensive ball of fear in the face of Juventus, you'd be wrong. Ten Hag, their coach says they have to "play out own game" tonight.

    Cristiano Ronaldo starts his first game since THAT game against Atlético Madrid when he single-handedly dragged them to this point. 

    Juventus XI: Szczesny, Pjanic, Ronaldo, Sandro, Matuidi, Mandzukic, Bonucci, Cancelo, Rugani, Bentacur, Bernardeschi.

    Ajax XI: Onana, Veltman, De Ligt, Van de Beek, Neres, Tadic, Blind, Schonë, De Jong, Ziyech, Tagliafico.

    A magnificent stadium! 

    Ajax have scored 100 league goals this season and 29 in the Champions League. Juggernaut.

    Ronaldo's first goal came in his 27th Champions League appearance against Roma when he scored two in a 7-1 rout. He hasn't stopped scoring since.

    Ronaldo is back tonight! He has fully recovered from his thigh injury and trained well according to Allegri.

    Hello and welcome to our live online coverage of Ajax versus Juventus! Team news and build-up coming soon.

Ajax vs Juventus live online: Champions League preview

Two of the most unlikely quarter-finalists in the competition after their first leg last 16 games meet in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. Ajax knocked Real Madrid out at the Santiago Bernabéu after losing the first leg 2-1 at home. They not only hammered Real Madrid but knocked them out of the competition they were aiming to win for the fourth time in a row. Juventus lost 2-0 to Atlético Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano before a Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick saw them advance at the expense of their Spanish opponents. They are also two of European football’s iconic football teams with both hoping to clinch an advantage in the first leg of this Champions League quarter final tie.

Ajax are without Carel Eiting and Noussair Mazraoui but other than that, Ten Hag has a full team to pick from. He has Barcelona-bound De Job in the middle to try and control things but Blind, De Ligt, Tagliafico and Van de Beek will all have to be careful because a yellow will see them miss the second leg.

Juventus are without Chiellini at the back as he hasn't recovered from a calf injury in time while Emre Can and Juan Cuadrado also miss out. A yellow for Matuidi or Bernardeschi, a man considered Juve's secret weapon, will see them miss the second leg. Ronaldo does start, however, as Juve welcome him back after a thigh injury.