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'Liverpool' one of the most popular passwords guessed by hackers

'Liverpool' one of the most popular passwords guessed by hackers



UK cyber survey exposes gaps in digital defences, with Klopp's side the most popular Premier League team name reused to keep data safe.

'Liverpool' is one of the most commonly used online passwords guessed by hackers, according to a cyber survey carried out by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and the most popular Premier League team name employed by users to keep their data safe.

While Klopp's side's defence this season have been rarely been breached, Liverpool as a password was found to be far worse at keeping out attackers.

Liverpool most commonly reused Premier League password

In the list published by the NCSC of the top 100,000 passwords guessed by hackers, 'Liverpool' topped the list of Premier League teams with the side being used 280,723 times as a password. The most reused password was '123456' which was reused a staggering 23.2 million times.

The other Premier League teams on the list included 'Chelsea' (216,677 times), 'Arsenal' (179,095 times) and 'manutd' (59,440) times.

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre stressed the importance of not using passwords commonly found in data breaches, stating that users should immediately change any password they use that is on the list.

Dr Ian Levy, NCSC Technical Director, said: “Password re-use is a major risk that can be avoided - nobody should protect sensitive data with something that can be guessed, like their first name, local football team or favourite band.

“Using hard-to-guess passwords is a strong first step and we recommend combining three random but memorable words. Be creative and use words memorable to you, so people can’t guess your password.”

So Liverpool fans, if you do change your password, probably best not to choose "KingKenny" or "Istanbul2005"