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Lazio hit out at 'simplistic' media over alleged racist incidents

Lazio hit out at 'simplistic' media over alleged racist incidents

Valery Hache


Incidents involving fans inside and outside San Siro marred Lazio's Coppa Italia win at AC Milan, but the Rome club claimed media coverage is misrepresentative.

Lazio issued a statement hitting out at media coverage of alleged racist incidents involving the club's supporters, condemning what it described as a "simplistic tendency" to hold all fans responsible for the actions of a few.

The Biancoceleste's 1-0 Coppa Italia victory over AC Milan at San Siro was marred by apparent incidents inside and outside the ground involving Lazio supporters, and the club moved to distance itself from the behaviour of fans involved.

Lazio "has always fought for respect for the law"

But the short press release issued by the Rome club also included a sharp critique of the press.

"SS Lazio clearly distances itself from behaviours and demonstrations that do not reflect in any way the values of sport as sustained and promoted by the club for 119 years," said the statement.

"And it rejects and disputes the simplistic tendency of some media to consider the entire Lazio supporter base jointly responsible for acts carried out by a few, for reasons that have nothing to do with sporting passion.

"The club has always fought for respect for the law and correct conduct."