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Beckham gets green light to demolish Lockhart Stadium

Former soccer player David Beckham addresses the media during an event to announce his Major League Soccer franchise in Miami,


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Inter Miami have obtained permission to start the demolition of Lockhart Stadium, the ground where they will play their first season.

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David Beckham and Co. have received the green light to start demolition work on Lockhart Stadium, the new home of Inter Miami for the start of the side's MLS future.  The work is set to begin on 6 May.

I Heart Radio journalist, Andy Slater, posted on Twitter, that he got information from Beckham's partner, Jorge Mas, telling him about the agreement to start the demolition of the Fort Lauderdale venue, besides assuring that the negotiation process for the construction of the new stadium is in place and will be ready in five or six weeks.

David Beckham group is involved in an ongoing lawsuit to stop the demolition of Lockhart Stadium, so despite permission being granted to start the demolition process of the venue, FXE Soccer could still go to court to obtain a preliminary injunction to avoid the work at the stadium starting while the lawsuit is in progress.

What happens if the appeal is granted?

If FXE Soccer is successful, it will cause irreversible damage to Inter Miami's plans as the construction of the new Lockhart stadium will require between four and six months. If FXE Soccer fails that would mean the venue would be ready in time for the 2020 season, the same year the team debuts, but the whole plan would be thrown off track if the appeal is granted.