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Cahill: “People asked if the Al Janoub stadium is real…”

Cahill: “People asked if the Al Janoub stadium is real…”


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The former Australia star spoke at the presentation of one of the venues for the 2022 World Cup: “Qatar can be proud of having completed its first complete new stadium”.

Tim Cahill, former Australia international who recently announced his retirement from football, attended the opening ceremony for the Al Janoub stadium in the Qatar capital Doha, alongside a number of other prestigious international footballers.

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On the programme ‘Our Host’ on AlKass, Cahill praised the outstanding work being done to ready the country for hosting the World Cup in 2022.

World Cup in Qatar in 2022

When Qatar bid to host the World Cup, I was with the Australian delegation in Zurich and I saw the country winning. When the Qatar candidature was announced, everyone in the room was taken aback by the technology, the specifications, how the stadiums would be used after the end of the tournament and how parts of them would be taken apart to be used in sports infrastructure in other countries.

Al Janoub stadium

People were asking if its real… Just a few days ago I was in Al Janoub, seeing what Qatar had promised all those years ago become reality and what I felt as a footballer is pure pride.

Grass and the temperature

It was very cold in Al Janoub. I was talking about it with Fernando Hierro, Ronald de Boer, Ruud Gullit and Roberto Carlos. We also talked about how the most important thing in football is the pitch, which in the case of Al Janoub is magnificent. Also, the fans can really interact with the game and what happens on the pitch. In general and in terms of quality, Qatar can be proud of having finished its first new, complete stadium.

Aspetar medical centre

More than 10 years ago, when Australia was in the Asia group I was lucky enough to travel to Qatar where we played a lot of games against Asian sides. What's more, when I was playing in the English Premier League with Everton I came to the Aspetar hospital when I was injured. In terms of facilities, doctors and physios, Aspetar offers the best medical service I've ever seen.

English success in Europe

Since I retired I've been on a lot of TV programmes. I've got the feeling that English football needed those results and this period of domination of international football, because teams like Real Madrid, Barça, Juventus and Inter Milan were on top. We're not used to seeing English domination and I think English football needs to take advantage. Both the Champions League final and the Europa League final are going to be amazing, special games between English sides.

Effect on the England side

The England team needs to make the most of this success - I get the feeling the England side are going through an excellent spell.