Cristiano Ronaldo: rape allegations dropped - reports

Mayorga retira la demanda de violación a Cristiano

According to Bloomberg, Katheryn Mayorga has decided to drop a lawsuit against the Portuguese footballer, however later information suggests the case has simply shifted venue.

According to a report published by Bloomberg on Wednesday morning, Katheryn Mayorga, who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in an incident dating back to 2009, has decided to drop the allegations made on 27 September last year

Mayorga had filed a complaint in a state court in Nevada, alleging she was raped by the footballer in a penthouse suite at a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009.

Case against Ronaldo not dropped: ESPN

However, later on Wednesday, ESPN published statements from Mayorga's lawyer, saying that the case had not in fact been dropped, but had been moved to a federal court due to problems in serving the state lawsuit on Cristiano Ronaldo, given he is Portuguese and lives in Italy.

The original lawsuit had apparently prevented Juventus, Ronaldo's current club, from participating in the International Champions Cup this summer due to the possibility of the US authorities detaining the player as part of a rape investigation.