"Neymar's father and his entourage are hurting him"

Eduardo Musa, Neymar's adviser for five years, says it's his father who is causing the greatest damage to the Brazilian's image and he isn't fit for the role he fills.

Neymar y su padre

Neymar's departure from PSG seems to be inching closer by the day. L'Equipe reported on Wednesday that his situation is irreversible and that while he might return to training with the team, it is very clear that he is not happy with life in Paris with Barcelona beckoning.

In an interview with the French publication, Eduardo Musa, who represented Neymar from 2010 until 2015, says the issues in the Brazilian's life have been created by his father and his entourage.

"I think he has stopped doing things with his heart, this is the problem," says Musa. "Neymar and his staff are in permanent conflict. They reject all criticism. They are reaping what they have sown now for a long time."

Musa, known as his 'Guardian Angel' when he represented the player, says "he is faithful to those who have been there the longest especially his father but it's doing him harm." He went on to criticise Neymar's father furhter by saying "he can act like a super professional and direct every aspect of his son's career because he isn't prepared for it."

Neymar have the wrong image of classy Neymar

"Neymar is a guy with class, he's endearing and generous, but the image the media have of him is completely the opposite. And his father is responsible for that," Musa says.

Musa's advice to the Brazilian is simple. "Forget about his image, leave commercial obligations to one side and forget about the idea of being number one. He needs to return to place where he came from."

"All of this controversy is damaging his love for the game, something that is key for him," he continued. "But if you look at social media, Neymar and his team are just talking about business, restaurants, parties...he doesn't speak about sport. He has to recover his love for football and this depends solely on him."