Real Madrid: Kroos and Ronaldo's noisy barbecues

In an interview on German TV, Toni Kroos has spoken about Ronaldo's lively barbecues, as well as his confidence in Real Madrid's board building a "top team" for next season.

Real Madrid: Kroos and Ronaldo's noisy barbecues

Toni Kroos is currently in the middle of a promotional campaign for his new documentary and yesterday gave an interview on German TV programme Lanz, in which he spoke about his former ‘noisy’ neighbour Cristiano Ronaldo, the current situation at Real Madrid and the focus on building “a top team” for next season.

Kroos didn’t attend Ronaldo’s lively barbecues

Before Ronaldo moved to Juventus last summer, he and Kroos were neighbours. And the German international revealed details of the lively barbecue parties Ronaldo used to throw.

“The nosiest [barbecues] took place at his place,” said Kroos, who admitted that he did not attend Cristiano’s barbecue events as he usually ate dinner earlier. “Now and again we had go over and tell them to be quiet,” he said jokingly.

The Real Madrid midfielder also spoke about the WhatsApp group he shares with his teammates. Although he did not want to go into detail, the 2014 World Cup winner said: "You're on your way to the game, you have a chat and there's always one who falls asleep, and WhatsApp always manages to get in touch with him."

However, WhatsApp groups and football matter very little when he arrives home, Kroos admitted, adding: "Family comes first, when I walk in the door, my children do not care if I have won 5-0 or lost."

Toni Kroos with former team mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid board will build a top team - Kroos

As for the current Real Madrid crop, the midfielder did not want to enter into rating individuals, but expressed "his total confidence" in those around him, although admitted that changes are inevitable after a disappointing last season.

"We have a good team, it must be kept in mind that we have hardly reinforced ourselves over the last few years and we always depended on the same team that had been successful. After a year with less success, it is normal, especially in Madrid, that there will be changes,” said the 29-year-old, who recently renewed his contract at the Bernabéu until 2023.

Real Madrid have already added Eden Hazard, Eder Militao, Ferland Mendy and Rodrygo to their squad for next season. And Kroos, who admitted that he is not closely following things on the transfer market, said he was unsure if any more new faces would be coming to the Bernabéu before the end of the summer.

"I don’t know if the squad is now closed or if there will still be one or two more [signings]. But I am sure that the board will build a top team that will fight for everything. That is something that we have been demonstrating over the last few years. The three [Champions League] titles were also an achievement of the board for building a team that they hardly had to touch for three years. So, I'm not worried."