Brazil BRA
Everton 14', Gabriel Jesus 47', Richarlison 89', Gabriel Jesus 69'
Peru PER
Guerrero 43'

Brazil - Peru: Copa América 2019 final live online

Brazil - Peru: Copa América 2019 final live online

Brazil vs Peru: as it happened!

Brazil lift their ninth Copa América trophy thanks to Everton, Gabriel Jesus and Richarlison strikes. They beat Bolivia, drew with Venezuela, hammered Peru and then beat Paraguay and Argentina before beating Peru once again in the final.

Everton, the man they call the 'little onion', picks up the man of the match award for his crucial role in the victory.

It might be Tite's last game as reports suggest he is ready to walk away but he's left with a trophy if he does. And he did it without Neymar. 

They were really pragmatic. The pitches didn't really allow for scintilating football but they had the quality and were dynamic enough to beat everyone they faced.


GAME OVER! Brazil win the Copa América 2019.


Into the last minute of added time. 


Free for Peru. Clipped into the penalty area but it's cleared. Last chance for Peru and they can't do anything with it.


Into added time now. Peru put up a good fight but Brazil more pragmatic and just the better side overall.


GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Gallese goes the right way but Richarlison slots it home.


After a big long delay, we are finally ready for the penalty. 


It is a penalty. 


Wait. We have a VAR check. Not sure if he can change this.


Richarlison to take.


What are Peru doing? PENALTY! Everton runs through and the keeper is coming out to stop it. Zambrano runs across him and clatters him.


Ruidiaz jumps into Casemiro in the air and it's a foul. Game has gotten very scrappy and Brazil in no hurry to change that. The more time that ticks away with stoppages, the better for them.


Advincula eventually booked as he jumps into Everton and cleans him out of it as he sets off on the counter attack. 


Advincula catches Everton with a clumsy hand to the face. Brazil players having a right go at the referee now. They want him to even things up.


Flores crosses it into the danger zone and Brazil manage to get it away.


Militao on for Coutinho as Tite shuts up shop.


Richarlison replaces Firmino.


Corner for Peru as Alisson saves from a shot from a tight angle.


Peru with the ball now and it will likely be a fairly uncomfortable last 20 or some for Brazil.


Jesus sent off. He gets a second yellow. He really isn't happy with that and he talks to the assistant referee too as he walks off after getting in a row with Advincula.


Tite up off his bench and he's pleading with the ref for something. Advincula's given a talking to by the referee. 


Zambrano bulldozes Jesus out of it as he catches him straight in the chest. Really sore one. Yellow card too!


Jesus sets off and he can't cross it into the middle where he can see Firmino but can't get it to him.


They haven't really created much but are definitely enjoying the last few minutes more than the hosts. 


Lovely cross in by Carrillo. Cleared again as Peru start to pile the pressure on. 


Free for Peru. Sent in and cleared by Brazil. Peru win another throw though.


Cueva plays it forward to Guerrero but that's way too far ahead of the 35-year-old to win the race. Back to Alisson and he kicks it out for a throw.


Perfectly timed challenge from Zambrano as he steams out of defence and stops Everton.


Cueva with a nice move into the box. He plays it across the area and Brazil clear.


Guerrero catches Sandro. Free for Brazil. Peru looking threatening through as Carillo crosses from the right. 


Lovely cross in by Sandro on the left. Firmino greets it at the front post with a a header. He sends it wide.


Corner for Peru. Cueva sends it into the box and Alves heads it out.  


Coutinho goes flying as he races through the middle. Firmino strikes and sends it wide as his shots drags.


Free for Peru. It's chipped in and a Brazilian defender goes flying, or a couple of them, as the referee whistles for a free.


Coutinho tries his luck. Jesus plays it to him and he pulls his right foot back and strikes. Very close and very much a glimpse of the old Coutinho there. 


Tapia jumps on Coutinho's back and pulls him back to prevent a counter attack. Ridiculous really. And he rightly gets a booking.


Worked short and Sandro whips it in. Alves with the strike at the end. A good bit wide.


Sandro crosses and it comes back out to Casemiro. He slices it and Peru get it away before Brazil come back at them. They win a corner.


We are back underway for the second half! 

Teams in the tunnel and Peru first to emerge back onto the field.


Peru fought their way back into the game and go behind as quick. Half-time.


JESUS! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Arthur drives forward and plays it to Jesus. Defender slips and Jesus slots it home. 


Brazil a little stunned after that.


We will have three minutes of added time.


Just as we approach half-time too.


GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Guerrero. He sends Alisson the wrong way.


We are back! The referee goes to VAR to have a look. He comes back and says it is indeed a penalty.


Handball. Thiago Silva handles the ball as Cueva sends it across the box. He knew absolutely nothing about it.




Peru playing it around in the box. Poked to Guerrero and he hits the ground. No penalty and no shout for one. He just fell over.


Cross sent in and Firmino heads it over.


Alves hits the ground in the penalty area. Ball gets lost under his feet and he just falls grabbing his head. 


Everton takes off down the left. He has had an excellent tournament. Causing all sorts of problems for Peru here tonight.


Yotun gets caught by Jesus and the attacker gets booked. Not a particularly bad tackle but he has been involved in a couple of incidents so far. Referee continues to give Brazil a hard time of it.


Dani Alves delivers a free into the box but it's has no velocity on it and gets headed away. Brazil keep it and pile more pressure on.


Corner for Peru. This is where they might be able to hurt Brazil but Guerrero's header flies over the bar.


Ball sent in from the left. Coutinho catches it on the bounce and it goes just wide of the post. Another nice move from Brazil, who look really dangerous every time they attack.


Peru struggling. Their chances will be few and far between and they're panicking on the ball. They need to keep their heads here before they concede another.


Brazil throwing the ball around now with a little less pressure on them. They have that goal and it's Peru who need to do the chasing.


Free for Brazil. Alves whips it in and it's headed out by Peru. 


EVERTON! Goal. Lovely cross in from Gabriel Jesus after some nice footwork. He's on his own at the back post and finishes with ease. 1-0. 


Tite on the sideline and he is not happy as Alves has a nibble at Guerrero's ankle. Referee comes over to the bench and talks to Cassio, the sub goalkeeper.


Fancy footwork by Jesus but he loses it as he is surrounded by three Peruvian shirts. 


Yotun catches Alex Sandro as he breezes by him. Stands on his foot and brings him down. Looks like a sore one.


Ball over the top lands at Firmino's feet. He can't control it and it's out for a throw. Quick game so far and that is suiting Peru. Brazil haven't been able to find their feet just yet.


Brazil growing into this now and starting to boss the ball in the middle.


Gabriel Jesus catches Yotun. Another free for Peru. 


Coutinho gets caught and the referee says no. He is really giving the Brazilians absolutely nothing.


Tapia with the effort after Marquinhos clears straight to him. He drives it over after not connecting with it well at all.


Brazil on the break now as Everton wins it on the left. He puts his head down and drives forward but runs out of real estate and comes back. Arthur gets it and he ends up fouling Guerrero with a stray hand.


Another free whistled against Coutinho. He catches Advincula.


Peru awarded the free. Cueva with the effort that curls just wide. Alisson saw it off but not bad.


Peru have started well. Brazil get their first chance to attack and Coutinho handles the ball. 


We are underway! 

Peru huddle in their own half for one last pep talk. Brazil line out and get themselves all revved up. This is going to be good! 

Walls of sound at the Maracana. 

Peru won the tournament in 1975 and 1936. The closest they've come since that win 44 years ago was in 2011 when they finished third by beating Argentina. When they won it in 1975, they beat Colombia in a three-legged tie. Lost 1-0 in the first leg, and then won the next two legs.

This could be Tite's last game.

Gilberto sang the Portuguese lyrics in this song that I'm sure you all know.

We will have a minute's silence for João Gilberto, who passed away today.

Alisson has been mightily impressive recently but comes up against a lively Peru side. They beat Chile 3-0 on the way to the final and also put three past Bolivia in the group stages. They did, however, suffer a hiding at the hands of Brazil when they lose 5-0.

The battle between Alex Sandro and Advincula on that side of the pitch should be fascinating tonight.

Brazil's Dani Alves has caused a bit of a stir after posting a tweet that he then had to clarify. And after the indignation shown by some of his followers for the original post, there was plenty of cynicism for the second.

Brazil XI: Alisson, D. Alves, Marquinhos, T. Silva, A. Sandro, Arthur, Casemiro, Jesus, Coutinho, Everton, Firmino.

Peru's line-up.

No Filipe Luis for Brazil as Alex Sandro starts at left-back.

Peru are great.

Messi says Brazil are made up to win this last night after he was sent off for Argentina in the third-place game. He believes the whole thing is corrupt and now faces a ban of up to two years for those comments.

There are also reports that Tite will leave his role as the manager of Brazil win, lose or draw tonight. Plenty of Brazilians don't want him to leave though.

Brazil hammered Peru in the groups stages. It was a fine display from the Brazilians as they looked like they were back to their sublime best. Casemiro wants Brazil to do the same but doesn't think the final will take a similar path as that thrashing.

Brazil have marched to the final and are yet to concede a goal at the Copa América, suggesting they are not missing their star PSG striker Neymar.

Hello and welcome to our live online coverage of Brazil versus Peru in the Copa América final from the Maracanã.