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Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe for President after winning the World Cup?

Democratic firm Public Policy Polling conducted a poll to see who would win the 2020 presidency between the US captain and President Donald Trump.

 Megan Rapinoe celebrates after the France 2019 Womenx92s World Cup football final match between USA and the Netherlands

Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the US women's national team, not only won the World Cup with her country, she also succeeded at something else this summer, getting the spotlight across all the states.

Rapinoe has become the talk of the town due to her beliefs and the protest she led during the France tournament, but her feud with President Trump only made Megan a more popular character.

With the presidential campaigns underway, Public Policy Polling conducted a poll, due to popular demand, where the democratic firm found that Megan Rapino has a slight edge over current United States President, Donald Trump, to succeed him as the next US president.

"We found that Rapinoe gets 42% to 41% for Trump."

Megan Rapinoe vs Donald Trump Presidential poll

Megan Rapinoe from World Cup champion to USA President

The firm also suggested that the 34-year-old World Cup winner's advantage over the 45th United States president could increase over time since the undecided voters in the Rapinoe/Trump poll had voted for Hillary Clinton by 58 points, with only 8% of them approving of the job Trump has done in office, and 82% disapproving.

Megan Rapinoe vs Donald Trump Presidential poll

Megan Rapinoe from World Cup champion to USA President

The undecided voters were either not familiar with Megan Rapinoe or were not sure about her as a Presidential candidate, but they were unlikely to vote for Trump. So if Rapinoe decided to go head-to-head with Donald Trump in the Presidential Race, she would appear to have a chance to be the first female president of the country.

As of now, Megan has to settle with being part of the fourth Women's World Cup record-breaking team, as well as winner of the Golden Boot and Ball.