Lautaro Martínez' agent confirms Barcelona interest

"The rumour that Barcelona are interested is true", said Alberto Yaqué in an interview but he says they haven't contacted him directly yet.

"El rumor del interés del Barcelona es cierto", declaró Alberto Yaqué en una entrevista para el portal Cómo te va. Aunque no han contactado.
Paulo Fonseca EFE

Barcelona are interested in Lautaro Martínez according to the Argentine's agent. "The rumours of Barcelona's interest are true," he said on Cómo te va.

The Inter Milan striker was one of the revelations for Argentina in the Copa América where he started as a sub before becoming one of Scaloni's best players and while he is set to start in Antonio Conte's first season at Milan, he could leave if an interesting offers presents itself.

Barcelona have a hankering for Lautaro

"Nobody has called us but we know there was a deep study done," said Yaqué. "It's true that Barcelona are keen on him."

He says his client is not surprised by the interest. "When he started at Racing, he had Milito, Bou and Licha López ahead of him but it didn't bother him. He exceeded expectations including his own but he didn't surprise me because I know him."