Cholo Simeone's objective: toughen up Joao Felix

The Atlético Madrid manager has a new project in Joao Felix as he tries to make him the most complete footballer he can, which includes some tough love.

SImeone, corrige a Joao Félix.

"Strong, Joao, strong!" Since Atlético Madrid started their preseaon training in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, this phrase is one being repeated by Cholo Simeone every day.

Simeone has it in his head and it has become an obsession: making Joao Felix stronger and tougher. The qualities in his game are not in questions and in the last three days, he has dropped some hints as to how good he is going to be. But to play at Atlético under Simeone, you need to be sound defensively too. 

The Argentine wants to make Felix, the club's most expensive signing ever, a complete footballer with the ability to mix the rough with the very smooth.

Joao Felix has plenty to learn under Simeone

He is Griezmann's replacement but Griezmann arrived at 24 and with plenty of games under his belt, 202 with Real Sociedad and 53 goals. Felix arrives at 19 and with just 43 games in Portugal's top flight. 

He is watching over ever exercise the young Portuguese is involved in. "In hard, Joao, in hard!", "Get stuck in," insists Simeone.

At 19, Joao Felix has plenty of room for growth and learning under Diego Simeone might be the best place for him to become the most complete footballer he can.