Griezmann Barcelona presentation - how it happened

David Nelson

Griezmann Barcelona presentation - how it happened

Right that's the end of the Griezmann presentation. He's heading off, as are we. Looks like Djokovic is going to win Wimbledon by the way, and England and New Zealand TIED, so it's a super over to decide who wins the World Cup. And Djokovic HAS won Wimbledon! What a day of sport. Thanks for following!

Big hugs between Griezmann and Bartomeu.

Right, no more questions for Griezmann. Host says everyone looking forward to seeing him at training tomorrow. 

Griezmann doing some chat in French now. Alas my Standard Grade French doesn't extend to translating this. 

What does the 17 mean? Well 7 was taken, so he took 17 to keep the 7 in the family. 

How did Griezmann live through the final bit of the transfer? It was stressful he says. It went on for a long time, but he was just keen to get it done.

Bartomeu says the rest of the cash came from income from other clubs from player sales. 

Bartomeu says they wanted to pay in instalments. In the end they had to pay it one. They got a 35 million euro six month  loan. 

Bartomeu asked how the transfer was financed. He says it was complicated. 

Griezmann says he was lucky to play for so many years at Real Sociedad and at Atleti and keep getting better. 

Could Suárez be upset that last year he asked for Griezmann to come and he didn't? Griezmann says maybe, but they'll sort it out. 

Bartomeu says it's true the market is inflated, but Barcelona are lucky they can compete in it. 

Bartomeu says he likes having the best players in the club, in response to a question about how much they are spending. Bartomeu says they always look to improve. 

Bartomeu says there's no proof Griezmann signed back in March. He's going to talk to Cerezo and says he expects things to be sorted. 

Where will Griezmann play? Wherever Barcelona want him to.

What does Messi mean for Griezmann? He says he just wants to share mate (the drink) with him. (Laughs). Messi is the best, he's number 1. It's a source of joy to be able to play with him. 

Griezmann asked about The Decision, his film last summer, which went down like a lead balloon for a lot of Barcelona fans. Would he do it again? He says he's done a lot of things wrong, but it seemed right at the time. He doesn't regret anything. He just wants to wear the Barcelona shirt now. 

Next question for Bartomeu. Is this it for signings this summer? Or are they going for Neymar? Bartomeu says Griezmann signing is great news for Barcelona, and we're only talking about him today. No Neymar chat. 

Is Griezmann sad about how Atleti reacted? Yes, it's difficult to leave a place you call home. It's family, colleagues. It's tough.. He only has admiration and respect for Atleti. He says he gave everything on the pitch and has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Why did Griezmann stay at Atleti last year and decide to move this year? He says his daughter was at school, his wife was happy there and he wasn't ready to move. There was still something at Atleti he wanted to see, but it's now changed this year.

A new club, a big club, he wants to win the Copa, Liga and Champions League, which he doesn't have. 

Barça TV get first question. "What is it that most attracted you to Barcelona?" A new challenge says Griezmann.

Abidal says Griezmann is technically better than most and admits signing him has long been a desire of Barcelona but it took a bit of effort to finally land him. 

"A complete player" says Abidal. "He can play in lots of positions".

Eric Abidal presenting Griezmann on the stage.

Griezmann reminded he's yet to score in the Camp Nou. "We'll let you now!"


(Click the video above to watch the goals fly in)

Video time at the Griezmann presser. Look at his career. Lots of stunning goals no doubt coming up...

How he looks in the shirt.

Griezmann showing off the shirt alongside Bartomeu.

Griezmann says he's keen to get started and is expecting a great year. 

Griezmann speaking now. Starts by thanking Real Sociedad and everyone who looked after him there. Then Cholo Simeone and everyone at Atlético. They helped him become world champion, reminding us he's won the World Cup with France. 

Bartomeu says everyone at Barcelona very happy with Griezmann signing. 

Bartomeu says Barcelona are putting together a very competitive team for this season, and the addition of Griezmann adds a lot of quality.

He's a player who's been in the press a lot, it's been a tough signing to pull off says Bartomeu.

Bartomeu says thank you to everyone for coming and welcomes Griezmann and his family to Barcelona.

Bartomeu comes out with Griezmann!

More people filing into the press conference. 

While we wait, here's what a Spanish sports lawyer told us about Atlético's chance of wringing another 80 million out of Barcelona for Griezmann. 

"At the end of the day, a judge will decide if Griezmann and Barça committed fraud or if Atlético have made a mistake. Atlético will need to prove, with documents, witnesses, etc. that the agreement between Barça and Griezmann was reached at that time (back in March, when the buy-out clause was 200 million)".

Griezmann press conference about to start... maybe a couple of minutes to go now.

Press only at this event. 

Griezmann is signing some shirts and checking out the Barcelona HOME dressing room. 

Griezmann sneaking looks at his phone to check the tennis? It's 7-7 in the final set. Incredible tension...

That's the badge. Right there.

Griezmann's keepie-uppie session.

That's the end of the photo session. Griezmann heads off to get changed back into his 'look casual' as they've dubbed it on Barça TV.

Griezmann's having a fine time with all the children out there. Lots of passing, then high-fives. 

Lots of wee Barcelona players come out to kick the ball about with Griezmann. Great fun for them.

And spins round to show off his number 17 to the press. 

Thumbs up from Griezmann to the cameras. And he's pointing to the badge now. Looks very relaxed. 

Keepie-uppie time! Showing he can do it with both feet. A nice series of about 50, with no dropped balls. Very nice. 

Griezmann has changed into the Barcelona kit and is heading out with a Barça ball for the photo session.

First stop for Griezmann will be Japan, on Barcelona's Asian tour. They're playing Chelsea on the 23rd July in Tokyo, before a match against Vissel Kobe on 27 July at the Misaki Park Stadium. 

Ter Stegen is mad for it.

If you didn't catch it before, here's Griezmann's 'arty' missed trains film. 

Barça TV showing Griezmann's highlights reel. Some stunning strikes in there...

Five years at Real Sociedad, followed by five years at Atlético Madrid. And now he's signed for five years with Barcelona.

Alcácer had the number 17 shirt from 2016-18. Petit and Van Bommel are previous 'owners' of the number. 

Griezmann inherits the number 17 shirt from Jeison Murillo who was on loan from Valencia and is currently off on another loan deal to Sampdoria.

Griezmann getting ready to head down to the terrace in the Camp Nou stands, where the press can get their snaps. 


Griezmann is of course a left-footed player, but interestingly he was signing his contracts with his right hand. 

So there's a turn up for the books. It was expected he'd take Coutinho's number 7. 

Bartomeu hands over the shirt and it's number 17!!

Pen has officially been put to paper. Griezmann and Bartomeu laughing away. And a big handshake and smile for the cameras! Both look very happy. 

Griezmann sporting the same shaggy mane he had on last night at the club shop

Griezmann's family is all with him. The new Barcelona player takes his seat at the table and after a bit of a fiddle gets his pen out of its box and starts signing his new contract, which runs to 2024. 

Here comes Griezmann! Alongside him is President Bartomeu.

"C'est magnifique" reads the big poster in the President Josep Suñol room. Griezmann about to make his appearance!

Martin Lasarte, who coached Antoine Griezmann at Real Sociedad, says he'll fit in at Barcelona like "a ring on a finger"

As you'll see, we've got the live stream all set, but there's no footage coming through quite yet. Should be fairly soon...

The Atleti fans' anger is somewhat understandable, after what they went through with Griezmann's antics of last summer (remember his 'The Decision' film), when he eventually decided to stay with attendant major salary boost and then didn't really produce the goods on the field, only to then announce he was in fact leaving. 

The Atlético Madrid fans have shown their displeasure at Griezmann's 'betrayal' by defacing his plaque outside the Wanda.

No sign of Griezmann yet. Federer has taken the Wimbledon final to a fifth set. 

Barcelona officially started their 2019/2020 today, with 14 first team players, including Griezmann, donning their string vests and undergoing medical tests. 

"I'm really happy, really excited and can't wait to work with the team. Here I've got new challenges, new goals. Hopefully I can do the best possible. I was keen to move here and my family agreed, sometimes you need to take decisions. It's a joy to play alongside him (Messi). Hopefully I'll bring a lot of joy and we can enjoy it all together. The aim is to win it all: Copa, Liga and Champions League", was Griezmann's first comment to Barça TV when he arrived at the Camp Nou.

Griezmann now has the highest buy-out clause in the Barcelona squad, at an eye-watering 800 million euros. You can pick up a Messi for just 700 million. 

Rakitic says "Welcome my friend" to Griezmann. 

But Barcelona have decided their new man must be presented today, no matter what else is going on in the world of sport, so here we are. 

What a day to be presenting a new player... it's the men's final at Wimbledon (Federer on course to take the fourth set and take it to 5), the final of Cricket World Cup (where England are currently in bother at 92-4 as they chase New Zealand's 242), and Senegal are just about to kick off against Tunisia in the Africa Cup of Nations (you can follow that live with Paul here)

Griezmann has been meeting his new teammates.

Atlético were less than happy about things and have angrily demanded Barcelona pay another 80 million, as they reckon Barça and Griezmann did their deal back in March, when his buy-out clause was 200 million euros. 

Barcelona announced the signing of Griezmann on Friday, after the player's lawyer deposited Griezmann's buy-out clause of 120 million euros at the offices of LaLiga in Madrid. 

Things get underway at 18:15 when the former Atlético Madrid player signs his contract, before heading down for photos at 19:00 in the stands of the Camp Nou. Griezmann will then speak to the press at 19:30. 

Hello, good evening and welcome to our live coverage of the presentation of Antoine Griezmann as a Barcelona player from the Camp Nou.