Real Madrid: Vinicius and Rodrygo consigned to Castilla

The two Brazilian teenagers have been assigned to Raúl's reserves for the 2019-20 season, although in Vinicius' case it is merely a question of admin.

Real Madrid: Vinicius and Rodrygo consigned to Castilla

Real Madrid have started the process of assigning their new arrivals to the various levels of football the club is involved in and have surprisingly registered Vinicius Junior and Rodryo Goes to Raúl’s reserve side, Castilla, for the 2019-20 season.

However, at the moment it is merely an administrative matter with Zinedine Zidane’s senior squad bursting at the teams until more unwanted players can be shifted from the books. Vinicius was registered with Castilla last season but swiftly made the move up to the senior side and a similar situation can be expected this season. Rodrygo said during his presentation that he was happy enough to start out at Castilla, where the personal guidance of Madrid legend Raúl will aid his development, but being assigned to the reserves does not necessarily mean he will not taste first team action.

Rodrygo to move between Raúl and Zidane

According to Liga rules, a youth player can appear for the senior side on 10 occasions before he is automatically removed from the squad of the reserve team – as happened last season with Vinicius – but a further loophole means that Rodrygo is effectively available to Zidane for the entire campaign without having to register with the first team: under Liga regulations, if a player is 18 or under he can be registered with the youth side and make unlimited appearances for the senior side.

That small print was utilized last season with Vinicius, who is now 19 and therefore does not qualify as a youth player, while Rodrygo can in theory play as many times as Raúl and Zidane require for both Real Madrid and Castilla.

Elsewhere, Japanese sensation Take Kubo and Theo Zidane, the third-born son of the Real Madrid boss, have been assigned to the under-19s but, as is the case with Rodrygo and Vinicius, can either make a limited number of appearances for Castilla next season or be promoted definitively if the club decide they are up to the task.