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Verratti on Neymar: "You can't keep a player who wants to leave"

Verratti did an interview with Radio Montecarlo and the Italian says you can't realistically keep a player who wants to leave the club like Neymar does.

Verratti on Neymar: "You can't keep a player who wants to leave"

Marco Verratti is a player who always speaks his mind. This time, the Italian conducted an interview with Radio Montecarlo, and he spoke about the current situation between Neymar and PSG. Despite the midfielder wanting the Brazilian to stay, Verratti says you can't keep a player who doesn't want to be at the club.

"I haven't had the chance to speak with him but he is going through a tough time after the injury the prevented him from playing at the Copa América," Verratti said. "It would disappoint me to see him leave, I never like to hear him say he wants to go, I'd prefer if he stayed."

PSG have to let Neymar go if he wants out

Verratti sees a similar situation to the one he lived through two seasons ago when he was on the brink of a move from PSG to Barcelona. "In those moments, I needed answers from PSG. I didn't see a club that wanted to win the Champions League but after speaking with the club, I was satisfied," he said.

"Nobody forced me to stay but I think if a player want to go, he will always find a way to do it. When a player really wants to leave, the club has to leave him go. I agree with what the club are asking for the transfer, but you can't keep a player that wants to leave the club.