Zidane: "James is in good form and I'm happy with him"

"I have the best players", stated the French coach adding that "Gareth Bale is a registered player and I'll call upon him".

Zidane: "James is in good form and I'm happy with him"
Juan Carlos Hidalgo EFE

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media this morning as his Real Madrid side prepare for their 2019-20 LaLiga opening game away to Celta Vigo.  

Excited for the season ahead: "We're all anxious for the campaign to start and all our recent focus has been on the opening game. We're all pretty happy".

Pogba: "I'm happy with the players we have at the club and the sole focus now is on the task at hand in Balaidos".

James: "He's in good form and I'm happy to have him in the squad. I'll call upon all players that I have at my disposal".

Eden Hazard, Vinicius Paixao de Oliveira Junior, Carlos Henrique Casemiro, Raphaël Varane, James Rodríguez & Marcelo

Play well or win: "I'd like to be able to do both, play well and win. Winning is a result of what you do on the pitch and one has to compete too".

What is the objective from the gama against Celta: "Win. We have to be ready to win and compete. This is the best league in thew world and competition is stiff".

Negative feeling after pre-season: "There is always talk after poor results but the season hasn't even started yet. We need our fans on our side".

Neymar: "He's not a Real Madrid player and my sole focus is on the group I have".


Mathias Pogba said that the team could do with his brother: "Paul is a Manchester United player and we can only focus on the squad we have here".

Kubo: "I really hope he stays with his to progress his game. He'll start of playing with Real Madrid  Castilla (2B) but he is the future of Madrid".

The past five months: "I don't focus on the past and what happened, happened. We're focused on the future"

Bale: "It looked at one point that he was going to leave but he's still with us. He's an important player and and will cause headaches for me in selecting a starting eleven".

Vinicius: "He's only 18-years-old and I'll count on him as I will the rest. My task at hand is to chose the best players".

Personal situation: "I don't care what people think and don't listen to the levels of criticism. This is part and parcel of being a coach. I know what I want and am aware that what is happened in the past is soon forgotten about".