Griezmann's former mentor says Barça called him before Juve game

Olhats, who currently works for Atlético Madrid, says Griezmann isn't a bad kid but that he suffers from amnesia and forgets those who helped him in the past.

Griezmann's former mentor says Barça called him before Juve game

Éric Olhats, Antoine Griezmann's former adviser who now works for Atlético Madrid, has criticised the French international for the manner in which he went to Barcelona. He was also critical of Griezmann for the amnesia he suffers from regarding those he has worked with in the past.

"Antoine deserved a more dignified departure," said Olhats in Le Journal du Dimanche. "It's both his and his inner circle's fault." 

"I understand having a desire to do something different after five years in the same club," continued Olhats who says Griezmann owes an enormous amount to Miguel Angel Gil and the sporting director, Andrea Berta, along with Diego Simeone.

Olhats recalls the time when he was Griezmann's agent and he says Piqué and Suárez called him a number of times and Messi once. He was convinced that, at the time, it was too soon to leave. Barcelona contacted him again before the Juventus game in February in the Champions League.

"The negotiations didn't take place at the right moment," he says. Atlético have reported Barcelona for contacting Griezmann while he was under contract with them and say they owe €80 million as they agreed on a transfer when his release clause was €200 million and not the €120 million they had agreed on.

"Antoine isn't a bad kid," he says about what he says is Griezmann's amnesia. "When he moves forwards, he simply doesn't look back. He forgets the people who aren't part of the scenery anymore."