Unsafe arsenic levels won't jeopardise Inter Miami project

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is sure David Beckham's MLS group would deal with problems at their new stadium site with no trouble.

Unsafe arsenic levels won't jeopardize Inter Miami project

Miami's mayor says recent toxic findings at Inter Miami's new stadium site won't put at risk the construction project of David Beckham's MLS franchise, which will debut in the 2020 season.

Francis Suarez told ESPN that the result of a recent environmental report, which revealed that the land where the new Inter Miami stadium will be located had tested positive for high levels of toxicity, does not endanger the project in any way, and confirmed that the plan to eliminate the toxins will start and will cost approximately 50 million dollars.

Suarez also said that Inter Miami would not have problems to cover the costs of eliminating the waste on the ground, explaining that he has had assurances from the new MLS team that they will pay the amount, which represents between 3.5 and 5% of the agreement they have with the city.

"From my point of view, it doesn't matter because they agreed to pay and capitalise on it. We have a billion-dollar deal; 35 million, 50 million, that's 3.5 or 5% of the agreement. I don't say it's insignificant, but Inter Miami has a range and feel comfortable that it is within that range," he said.