Champions League draw 2019/20

Cristiano jokes about dinner with Messi at Champions League draw

The Juventus and Barcelona stars were sat beside each other at the awards ceremony in Monaco and had a good exchange with each other.

During the big event that took place in Monaco on Thursday, the draw for the group stage of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League, there was time for a rare public interaction between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldom, and they both seemed to enjoy it.

Cristiano jokes about Messi dinner

The two superstars of the game gave a sense of having a good relationship despite their rivalry. The Argentine talked about the battles that he had had with Ronaldo in LaLiga, saying it had been "very nice," and the now-Juventus player responded quickly.

""I was curious because we've shared the stage here for 15 years," he said. "It's not easy but of course we have a good relationship.

"We have not yet had dinner but it would be nice. We push each other and it's good to be part of the history of football."

Speaking in English to the ceremony presenter, the Portuguese legend added: "I miss playing in Spain. It was a battle for years that helped us both grow."

Messi and Ronaldo to retire together?

The presenter also asked Cristiano about his retirement plans - something he hinted at recently - and suggested that the two players that many regard as the best ever should end their careers at the same time.

Ronaldo joked, "He is two years younger and it's not a bad idea. But I look good and I hope to be here next year, and in two, three...

"Those who don't like me will still have to see me here," he concluded.