Zidane: "A point is always positive"

Zidane spoke to the media after the game and said that he liked the spirit his Real Madrid side showed and explained the system he was trying to play against Villarreal.

Zidane: "A point is always positive"
Jose Miguel Fernandez de Velasco ©GTRESONLINE

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media after his side dropped points against Villarreal, which is the second time this year in three games. 

Ramos' error for the first goal: "Mistakes happen, but I'll stick with a positive feeling. Forgetting the first 15 minutes.... when they score two goals, coming back like that is important. A point is positive. We created chances to score goals and you have to score more goals."

It seemed like you have the game under control in the second half and everything changed. Why? "I don't know, they're circumstances in the game. We controlled the game, there's an opponent but they're just things that happen. We have to work on this, to improve our defensive ways and later offensively we know that we will create things. I will stick with the positive, the reaction. It's important not to lose."

What were you looking for from the system with the two forwards: "It was the plan today, knowing that they have problems in the centre, we wanted to put a bit more weight up front with Jovic and Benzema. We didn't get the goals we looked for, but at the end it's a scheme that we can play because we have two really good forwards. The plan explains the absence of Modric. Today, I wanted to put a bit more depth in the forwards and he was sacrificed. I'm happy in general because the reaction was good. We can't be happy in the sense that we always look for victories but you have to think about the next game."

Bale: "Happy with the goals and we keep going with the positive things."

The transfer market: "I am here with my player and I am happy with them."

Do you see a lack of defensive intensity? "At the start of the game, yes, because we lacked some intensity and in the game it's always important to start strong. But I think that the 30 minutes after that, we were better in everything. We got the draw before the break and that was important."