Hazard: "Losing at Chelsea wasn't a disaster, in Spain it's different"

In an interview with UEFA media, Eden Hazard has spoken about his move to Real Madrid, working with Zidane and the differences between Spanish and English football.

Hazard: "Losing at Chelsea wasn't a disaster, in Spain it's different"

Signing for Real Madrid: “It was in my plans. When I was at Chelsea, I already knew that my dream was to play for this club someday. I hadn't expected to play seven years at Chelsea, but in the end everything went well and I had the chance to win something every year. I think that's why I stayed there so long. Now it’s a dream for me to be here and I hope to make the most of it.”

Affinity for the club: “I think it was the fact that the cub is recognised in France and because Zidane played at Real Madrid when I started my football career. So, for me, it was 'the club'. Then there is the white shirt and the Bernabéu, which is the best stadium. On top of that, when I was a child I supported Real Madrid, so I also wanted to come for that reason.”

Feeling the Real Madrid-Champions League connection: “You feel it knowing that it is the club that has won the most. When you are at Real Madrid, even if it is my first year, talking to the fans, they always expect you to win the Champions League. That is why I think there is so much expectation placed on this competition and that is why the club has won it more than any other team.”

Working with Zinedine Zidane: “We have been working together for more than a month and I’m happy. I feel like a little kid, not only because of him, but also the other players. I’m learning every day and I’m getting to know them. It's great to work with a coach that you can identify with as a player when you talk to him. I just need to learn from him and I'm sure everything will be good.”

Eden Hazard comes on for Casemiro during Real Madrid's game against Levante.

Objectives at Real Madrid: “I have always worked on the basis of just working hard on the pitch. Of course, when you are at a club like this you need to win and you have to score. But I have always behaved in the same way and that is what I will still try to do. I try to have as much fun as possible on the field and I know that if I do that, the results will come. At this great club I want to try to make people see me more, win games and score goals. It's a bit like what I did at Chelsea, but I will try to do it again at Real Madrid and better if possible.”

Real Madrid presentation: “It was special. When I arrived, I felt at home on the pitch because it’s what I am used to when I come to a stadium. The difference was the press conference, seeing all the fans, all the screens, the president giving a speech, all the cameras that are on you...I don't think I can describe it. It feels quite exciting and at the same time it is nice, but you also feel a little anxious when you see all those people. I’m better when I let my feet speak out on the pitch.”

Most exciting thing about Spanish football: “I think that here the fans are really fans. In England there are not so many fans, people there like football and everyone, young people, adults, teenagers, are really interested in their football, but they are not so fanatical about their teams. At the time I was in Chelsea and we lost, we were disappointed as were the fans, but I never felt it was a disaster. It is different in Spain. Football is everything to them and it is up to the players to give everything.”