Coutinho: "Bayern is more of a close-knit family than my previous clubs"

The Brazilian player was interviewed by Sky Sports and spoke about adapting to life in Munich. He took advantage to criticize Barcelona.

Coutinho, en un partido con el Bayern.

Phillippe Coutinho is back enjoying his football - with Bayern Munich. The Brazilian forward, who is on loan from Barcelona for the rest of the season, is gradually adapting to Niko Kovac's side, and says he already feels right at home. In an interview with Sky Sports, Coutinho was full of positive things to say about the German club and compared it to his previous clubs, Barcelona and Liverpool.

Settling in at Bayern: "In the first few days I got to meet my new team mates and the coach and was shown around the club. Every day I feel a little better and I'm very happy".

The Bayern family

Comparing clubs: "Bayern is more of a close-knit family compared to my previous clubs. I know  Liverpool's a bit like that too, but here even more so".

Feeling close to the people: "I think that's really good. The fans have been brilliant with me and it's great to feel that positive energy. I've signed lots of autographs and I hope I haven't left anyone out".

Relationship with Thiago: "He helped me a lot in the first few weeks. He's Brazilian (hispano-Brazilian to be exact) and speaks Portuguese. That's a big help for me - especially when I have to communicate. German is a very difficult languiage but I hope to learn a bit".