Overmars: "I had to step in when it all got a bit tense between Florentino and Van der Sar"

Ajax Director of Sport Marc Overmars explained how he had to intervene when Florentino Pérez took offence to Van der Sar's celebrations after the 1-4 defeat at the Bernabéu.

Ajax's 1-4 victory over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu in the Last 16 of the Champions League went down in history at the Dutch club. It came as a such a surprise that even some of the club's directors struggled to contain their emotions in the president's box. General director Van der Sar and Director of Sport Marc Overmars explained how the celebrations got a little out of hand and Florentino wasn't amused.

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Van der Sar and Overmars lose it at the Bernabéu

Ex-goalkeeper Van der Sar recalled how he found it almost impossible to control himself. "I was cheering the team on but I had to contain myself for the first three goals because I was sat right next to Real Madrid's president. But when we made it 1-4..."

He explained how he reacted as each Ajax goal went in: "I nudged Marc (Overmars) or squeezed his knee after the fourth went in we jumped up and gave each other a high five. What would they be thinking? Maybe it was a bit disrespectful..."

Overmars smiled at Van der Sar's recollection but added: "I don't think Edwin's telling the full story. Real Madrid's president hit him. Later we had to calm things down a bit..." Fortunately the matter was settled before things escalated.