Cardoner says Barcelona will change transfer philosophy

"We have stopped being a final destination for players," said Cardoner who says Barcelona will cash in on players whose value increases when they play for the club.

Cardoner says Barcelona will change transfer philosophy

Jordi Cardoner has explained in an interview with Mundo Deportivo that Barcelona will now become a selling club and even players who have performed well are on the market. "It's not that we are obliged to sell," he said. "As the club's treasurer, Enrique Tombas explained (at the general assembly during the week) It's a derivative of what we do."

"We want new talent because the demands are so high," Cardoner explained. "And at the same time, players here are changing in value. Playing for Barcelona adds value, we have stopped being a final stop for players, a place where players don't leave, there has to be rotation."

Barcelona's CEO, Oscar Grau, said the club's big challenge now is to reduce the wage bill by €18 million after the signing of Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong in the summer. They will have a budget of over €1 billion this season with the club growing on all fronts.

The philosophy change that Cardoner speaks of might be down to the selling of Neymar and their inability to match PSG's demands when they wanted to buy him back as the landscape of football changes.