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Mourinho changes his tune as he eyes up next coaching challenge

Mourinho is studying German and is willing to adapt his defensive philosophy as he continues to pop up in the media with a new, friendlier demeanour.

Mourinho y Pogba.

Time heals all wounds. And that appears true for Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid too. The manager has always been known for his strong character, evident everywhere he has managed. From falling out with players, management and fans at Madrid to Chelsea and Manchester United, there comes a time when the Portuguese manager starts to rub people up the wrong way. 

It happened at Madrid when he fell out with Cristiano and Pepe, his compatriots and he also had a row with Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos too. Now, though, after having some time to reconsider, the 56-year-old is taking on a more calm and friendly demeanour.

Whenever you see Mourinho now, he's smiling, willing to answer questions for reporters and speaking highly of his time at Madrid and what the club taught him. He is at peace knowing a coaching opportunity is around the corner as he hints at changing his ultra-defensive philosophy. He is also taking German lessons as it is the only main European language he doesn't speak having already gotten to grips with his native tongue, English, Italian, French and Spanish. The Bundesliga is also one of the the few leagues left he hasn't coached in.

The manager who started fires everywhere he went is gone and the episodes where he tore Madrid fans apart are a distant memory, it seems, given the squeaky clean new Mourinho we have seen pop up in the press recently. 

Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United on 18 December 2018 and has been seen weeping at the thoughts of how much he misses management. He has amongst his achievements two Champions League, a UEFA Cup and a Europa League. He has not been short of offers either with Inter Milan giving him the chance to return to Serie A and Boca Juniors too after they lost the Copa Libertadores to River Player last year. He's holding out for something else though and only time will tell if this new, happier version of Mou will get a second chance to manage Real Madrid.