Griezmann: "Three goals? I'm not too bad, no?!"

Griezmann admits Barcelona are not at their best but says with games they will improve and says his return hasn't been bad either after early criticism.

Griezmann: "Three goals? I'm not too bad, no?!"

Antoine Griezmann spoke to Movistar after the Barcelona game on Tuesday night in which he scored the opener.

The end was quite tough: "We had some chances. I don't know what happened to from the first half to the second half but we will keep going. You have to keep working. There are new players who have just come back."

Understanding Messi: "At the end, Leo puts it where he wants and with him, everyone has their position."

What happened to Messi: "He has some pain. I don't know because I didn't have a chance to talk to him and the manager was giving out tactical instructions."

What are Barcelona missing: "Many players have just come back. We try to put the best possible team on the field. We are far from our best but with games, everything will improve."

Have you adapted to Barcelona: "It's different. Another style of football, a different position. I know that it would cost me and that I was going to improve. I'm not to bad either though, no? Three goals? I can improve, yes. But I have to keep working."