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Griezmann says he doesn't speak much to Messi

Griezmann admits he needs time to adapt and to improve so he can be the best version of himself and says he doesn't speak much to Messi.

Griezmann says he doesn't speak much to Messi

Antoine Griezmann spoke ahead of the Champions League game against Inter Milan on Wednesday night and admitted that while Messi and him are not best pals yet, their relationship is moving in the right direction.

Special game: "The game in the Champions League are special and this one is even moreso for me because it's my first game with Barcelona at home. We will have to do great work as a team to win in the best way possible."

Absences: "It's always more difficult when Ansu, Leo, Luis and Ousmane are not with us...but you have to find the best way to win. We have a great squad and we will find a way to win."

Adaptation: "I need to although I feel comfortable and with confidence. I need to improve, above all in my movement, to get more involved in play. I am missing some things to be the best Griezmann possible."

Relationship with Messi: "He's not someone who speaks much and neither am I and it's difficult for us to speak like that. I have given him some mate and we are going in the right direction. We are two good guys and I am here to help."

How is Dembélé? "He is training, coming early to strengthen his legs and his body, they're minding him but when you get into the injury cycle, it's hard to get out. We are here to help him."

Do Barcelona players have more power than Atlético players: "Gabi and Godín has some power. There are players you listen to more but the things from the top come from the president."