Real Madrid squad fines revealed: weight, lateness, phone use...

Deportes Cuatro has revealed details of the club fines that are handed to Real Madrid squad members for a range of misdemeanours.

Real Madrid squad fines revealed: weight, lateness, phone use...

Spanish television channel Cuatro has revealed details of the fines that Real Madrid hand their players for offences such as lateness or being overweight.

Starting at 250 euros, they are unlikely to make much of a dent in the bumper salaries pocketed by Los Blancos' stars, it is fair to say...

Up to 1,000 euros for being late for training

According to the sports-news programme Deportes Cuatro, Madrid's players are expected to come in for training 45 minutes before the session starts, and are fined 250 euros if they arrive five minutes later than that. That figure rises to 500 if they are delayed by 15 minutes, and can reach 1,000.

If a player skips training altogether, he must pay 3,000 euros.

Players are also penalised for being on their phones when they're on the job. Using their mobile while they're with the physio incurs a 250-euro fine, and doing so in the dressing room or on the team bus will cost them 500 to 1,000 euros.

Lose pounds - or lose euros...

If squad members are found to be overweight, they must stump up 250 euros - an amount that increases if they do not shed the excess pounds quickly enough, or if the individual concerned is a repeat offender.

Meanwhile, players must get the green light from the club to do interviews and publicity events, or travel outside Madrid on a day off. If they do not get prior approval, they are made to pay between 250 and 1,000 euros.

Cuatro also notes that players must wear official club gear during press conferences, while those not included in a matchday squad have to be in the dressing room before the game and remain at the stadium until at least the 80th minute.