Real Madrid: Zidane's pre-match press conference in quotes

The Real Madrid manager says things aren't as bad as people are saying they are as he discusses the Granada game and Courtois' absence.

Real Madrid: Zidane's pre-match press conference in quotes

Zidane spoke to the media ahead of the Granada game at the weekend with Thibaut Courtois unlikely to feature and with no left-backs available either.

Whistles for Courtois: "It is what it is, and he knows that. He is strong, he knows he can turn the situation around. The first half the other day is about everyone, you can't keep going over it. You have to think about the next game."

Debate about starting goalkeeper: "Here there is always debates. I am counting on all of the players. Here there are no undroppable players, not Courtois or anybody. The people can talk about Courtois' errors but for three games in a row, he kept a clean sheet and that was him. We will keep looking forward, we have a game tomorrow and we'll see."

Did you speak with Courtois? "I can always speak with players. I didn't speak with him specifically about the whistles against Brugge. We know what we did."

Doubts: "I am not here to understand it. We know the situation. We are not as bad as people outside are saying but this is Real Madrid. It won't change what people say. We are focused on what we can do on the field. We have a game tomorrow to stay first at the end of the game."

Return for Bale and the fines: "That stays within the group. You have information that you don't need to have."

Bale at full-back: "The truth is that I haven't thought for a second about that."