Clément Lenglet: "There's no issue with Griezmann"

The Barcelona centre-back is on duty with France and spoke about Griezmann: "Allk of us need to understand how changing position has affected his game".

Clément Lenglet will be spending the next 10 days on duty with France alongside club team mate Antoine Griezmann. The central defender spoke about Griezmann's adaptation at Barcelona when he faced the media this afternoon and says he has never had to defend him - nor is there any problem with him.

Griezmann the joker

Griezmann: "We spend all day laughing and joking. He loves jokes and that hasn't changed since he joined Barcelona. All of us need to understand how changing position has affected his game - he has evolved at Barça and has taken on other roles - including playing wide on the wing. He works very hard for the team and helps us a lot with his talent and sacrifice. For me, there's no issue at all with Griezmann".

Olivier Giroud (left) and Antoine Griezmann in training with France in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines yesterday

Dembélé and his lack of consistency: "If he had continuity, he would bring together all of the qualities he needs to be back with the national team. He prepared well for the new season but unfortunately fell injured again. And his sending off against Sevilla has also stopped him from gaining momentum. He has enormous talent, he's unpredictable but he needs continuity to be able to give the best of himself".

Messi: "He's an extraordinary player - the kind of player who makes a real difference. He is very intelligent when he has to keep hold of and protect the ball. To be honest, I'm one of the players who has to suffer playing against him every day in training but I'm very happy he's on our side every weekend".