Sustainability, a key factor at 2022 World Cup Qatar

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has ensured that all sports facilities in Qatar will be accompanied by 850 square metres of green space.

Los estadios de Qatar 2022 tendrán muy en cuenta la sostenibilidad.

Sustainability is one of the basic concepts which underlines all of the initiatives being undertaken by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (the department in charge of overseeing development projects for the 2022  World Cup in Qatar). Every sports facility which will by used for the tournament must included 850 square metres of green space (parks and lakes) in the surrounding areas.

Material will be recycled once the tournament is over - for example, seating in the upper areas of the stands at the World Cup stadiums will be dismantled once the event is over and given to other countries who need it for their own football development projects.

To remodel the new Al Rayyan stadium, 90% old of the old seating was recycled. All of the new World Cup stadia use 40% less water than in other sports stadia around the world.

As for the innovative Ras Abu Aboud stadium, which is constructed from shipping containers, it will be completely dismantled after the 2022 World Cup - it is the first stadium in World Cup history which has been specifically designed for temporary use and repurposing. Parts of the stadium will be used in sporting and non-sporting projects after the tournament setting new standards in sustainability with a waterfront development taking its place.

In all of the stadia at 2022 World Cup Qatar, low energy lighting will be used to reduce comsumption to a third of the energy required for standard lighting.

Transport is another area which has been addressed with Doha Metro, the three-line rail system which will transport fans to the World Cup venues, provides a fast and environmental-friendly service.

In accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030 project, the majority of the infrastructure and new transport network which the 2022 World Cup will benefit from, forms part of a long-term initiave which was launched before Qatar was announced as the host nation for the 2022 World Cup.